Miley Cyrus Twerking With Butt Implants Again

bambooAlright guys….I couldn’t resist..I was sitting here in front of my computer googling images…and VIOLA!!!! I came across this image…and suddenly…and then, out of nowhere..THE words “MILEY CYRUS”, “TWERKING”, and “BUTT IMPLANTS” popped up into my stream of consciousness…

It…..then….dawned on me that if AND when someone in the future were  to google the words “MILEY CYRUS”, “TWERKING”, and “BUTT IMPLANTS”….my BLOG just might pop up for that person…which made me laugh….and LAUGHING is always a GOOD-THING for the SOUL & SPIRIT..

And….then…it dawned on me that MILEY CYRUS herself might one day GOOGLE her name…and how my blog and this image might pop up on her computer screen….and i LAUGHED even harder..which is even better for the SOUL & SPIRIT…

p.s. “Hey Miley!  Next time you want to try to sell more albums or gain more publicity…DO something TRULY artistic…stop taking the EASY way…because, as we all know, any BAMBOON can shake their ass like a LUNATIC…and they don’t even need BUTT IMPLANTS to make it LOOK good…IF you have ANY talent MILEY…use it…OR…get OUT of the WAY..and let some real artists SHINE


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