4 Million American Idiots Tune In To Watch Sharknado

Let’s just pray with ALL our MIGHT america that these 4 million AMERICAN idiots do not and/or will never vote in our U.S. elections…but MORE than likely…these 4 million AMERICAN idiots are probably our so-called “INDEPENDENT” voters that BEST FRIENDS FOREVER republicans and democrats continuously fight over in order to retain their power in GOVERNMENT.

One day (hopefully MUCH sooner rather than MUCH later) americans will realize that pointing ignorant BI-PARTISAN fingers will NOT solve our most FUNDAMENTAL & EXISTENTIAL threat to our ONCE great DEMOCRACY…that being the ever-widening gap between the “UBER RICH” aka the %1ers (the DIVIDERS) and our “MIDDLE CLASS” aka THE NEW POOR (the CONQUERED)…Hopefully, much sooner rather than much later, AMERICANS will realize that pointing IGNORANT bi-partisan fingers at EACH OTHER only further EXACERBATES this GAP…because here is the BOTTOM-LINE america..and I will quote CLIMATE ACTIVIST and co-founder of the group PEACEFUL UPRISING Tim Dechristopher to make my POINT…AND, I do this only because it is SO very true…and, IRONICALLY, what most AMERICANS want to ignore THE MOST to their OWN detriment…regardless of whether one is on THE LEFT or THE RIGHT

“I don’t look at the political spectrum in AMERICA as this straight line between the LEFT and the RIGHT…democrats vs republicans…I think it’s more like a real steep pyramid…and I found that people at the bottom of this pyramid…both democrats and republicans..have far much more in common with each other regardless of whether they are on the LEFT or the RIGHT than they do with anyone at the top of that pyramid.”

Stop pointing FINGERS at each other AMERICANS…this only ILLUSTRATES how truly IGNORANT we have all BECOME and how unaccountable we deem ourselves to be when it is our VERY tax dollars that is destroying our own country from within…There are NOW 4 million (and counting) AMERICAN idiots that know what the word “SHARKNADO” means – but do NOT have the slightest FUCKING clue WHAT words like “CAMPAIGN FINANCE REFORM” and/or “TERM-LIMITS” mean..and THEREIN lies our MOST existential THREAT…that WE, as a so-called DEMOCRATIC CIVIL-SOCIETY, no longer have THE ability to make change from within…It’s a very sad day in the life of an american HUMAN BEING when he/she can longer recognize the person IN their very own MIRROR…that’s NOT american SELFISHNESS as we KNOW it..but a true, new breed of IGNORANCE in its most horrifying form


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