Insect Selfie


All I have to say is…when it comes to taking a SELFIE…this LITTLE bugger most definitely wins THE gold MEDAL…I mean, if you are going to take a SELFIE…do IT with STYLE and CONFIDENCE….now, don’t get me wrong here..and in full disclosure..I will be 100% honest to all out there…if I had come across this BRIGHT GREEN little bugger..I MOST definitely would have started SPRINTING in the OPPOSITE DIRECTION  screaming at the  tippy-TOP OF MY lungs blindly running over and around ANYONE  and/or ANYTHING in my way including kids, grandmothers and fathers, tall buildings and very deep OCEANS…that is how afraid I am of insects…I do NOT believe in killing any of GOD’S beautiful creatures so when it comes to FIGHT or FLIGHT…good luck CATCHING me because I am a real LANKY and EXTRA-SKINNY 6 foot 4 inches who can run FASTER than any wind that this planet has ever seen…

So, let’s never forget..It will be in our GENERATIONS…not in our NATIONS..and NEVER, EVER in our CORPORATIONS…that will be OUR only SALVATION…let’s stop being the VIOLENT alien RACE that WE currently are..let’s stop destroying THIS truly beautiful PLANET in the NAME of profits…In the end, if we do not…it will BE the TRULY beautiful grand-children of OUR TOMORROW that will SUFFER the most..left alone to survive in a VOID world stripped of all beauty & nourishment so THAT the VERY few true ASSHOLES (big OIL) of today can have EVEN more profits than THEY already do as they spread their TREASONOUS cancer, violence, death and pollution to ALL corners of this universe…Dying an extremely SLOW death in ONE’S own ignorance HAS, IS, and WILL never be FREEDOM



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