Living In A Down Side Up World


This is not POETRY…this is STREAM of CONSCIOUSNESS…from a COLLECTIVE consciousness..i AM not GOD..but GOD is in me…like he is in ALL of US….denying the SUPREME being is NOT fate but a CHOICE…a WRONG that many AMERICANS take pride in….this CHOICE of IGNORANCE is extremely PROFITABLE in the TIMES of NOW…but the CHOICE to praise the all-MIGHTY lord of PROFTS & WEALTH only STEALS every SHRED of HOPE from the BEAUTIFUL babies of our TOMORROW..

How can AMERICA lead when there is NOT one, single LEADER in OUR government?…this beautiful PLANET is DYING..dying RIGHT before our eyes…we ARE all responsible for putting our FAITH and HOPES and VOTES in BEINGS so UTTERLY hideous…who CONSTANTLY proclaim “AMERICA is GREAT (only for them)!”…

And, I CAN america BE great?…a COUNTRY that is responsible for DESTROYING this planet with its CONCEPTS of FREEDOM aka death, pollution, and GREED hidden behind a FAKE SYMBOL of FREEDOM – THE american FLAG…no COUNTRY can be GREAT that has PERFECTED the art of SERVING only to the INNER needs of OUR evilness that is within US all….greed IS not GOOD, it’s a CANCER…but in AMERICA, it’s the DREAM…

The SUMMER of 2014 will be one to REMEMBER forever…not BECAUSE it will be in THE NEWS..but because this SUMMER will be the ADVENT of SOMETHING truly HORRIBLE that will DEEPLY impact us ALL…this IMPACT will be EXTREMELY negative…and LETHAL…i.e. drought, wild fires, famine, rising sea levels brought about by CLIMATE CHANGE and, EVEN worse, MORE senseless GUN VIOLENCE from hands of cowardly american LUNATICS legally ARMED to the teeth…IT will be AT this very MOMENT, that we all realize THE 2ND COMING of JESUS our SAVIOR has already come AND gone..INc. GOD we TRUST…

Move over Jesus…the devil RESIDES in america…and PROUDLY so…BILLIONS will DIE in the NEXT one hundred YEARS…by the VERY tools AMERICA has created AND perfected…disease, famine, war, climate change, and, MOST IMPORTANTLY, by america’s symbol of FREEDOM & #1 export aka GUNS…these BILLIONS of innocents that will perish in our near future will DIE in VAIN, I mean, in the NAME of GREED for the VERY few…AND this will BE done ON purpose…and then, started ALL OVER again….in ORDER to feed THE TRULY evil beast otherwise KNOWN as the %1ers..whose EVILNESS has no BOUNDS in THEIR attempt to create THEIR ideal NEW WORLD ORDER –  a world where SOCIALISM is only FOR the BAD APPLES of AMERICA and communism is for the REST…

THE so-called CHRISTIANS in WASHINGTON have stolen this BEAUTIFUL planet’s INNOCENCE..and have REPLACED it with THE FANGS of ETERNAL GREED…this WILL only lead to the RETURN of the AGE of the PAGAN gods….who are ALREADY UPON us….brought about by our TECHNOLOGY whose only GOAL is to spread IGNORANCE, FALSE-TRUTHS, divisions by mulitplication, and their concept of THEIR WORLD ORDER..a TRULY void WORLD where POLITICAL CORRECTNESS only BREEDS hatred for OUR fellow human beings

The choice in regards to OUR FUTURE is very simple…because AMERICA “the ungreat” has left us ONLY two choices…

Choice #1…find and start praying that THE PAGAN gods of OUR PAST are real…and THEN hope (if they are REAL) that THEY listen to OUR prayers..especially the SUN and OCEAN gods…BECAUSE, as we all know from OUR prehistoric past, the BEST way to rid SCUM from our PLANET is EXTREMELY simple…OVERHEAT, then RINSE with SALT-WATER, and then FREEZE…in that order…

Choice #2…kick the FUCKING brood of VIPERS and HEATHENS out of WASHINGTON by consuming less in EVERY sense of the WORD…this will MOST definitely get the ATTENTION of the CORPORATIONS that now OWN our government..which, IRONICALLY, will only LEAVE these UNPATRIOTIC and truly TREASONOUS corporations two choices…CHANGE or GO fucking BANKRUPT..

AND always REMEMBER…. generations not NATIONS (and never CORPORATIONS) will be OUR only SALVATION… repealing CITIZENS united and TERM limits for all in WASHINGTON will be our first BABY steps IN the right DIRECTION. Lets get TO WORK…

GOD bless the BEAUTIFUL people of THIS PLANET because SATAN has CURSED washington


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