Just So You Know, My Crystally Weed Magic Ball Says California Chrome Will Not Win The Triple Crown Today


Put that LITTLE tid-bit in the swiss BANK of your CHOICE…now, I am not going TO SAY that my CRYSTALLY WEED magic ball is a 100% correct in regards to predicting sporting events…but, I do have to admit that IT was correct in picking BOSTON as LAST YEAR’S  world series WINNER….check out my blog BELOW on predicting last year’s world series and my reasons why…..


And also, just so YOU know…depending on the type of CRYSTALLY WEED (bright, bright GREEN or DARK, DARK brown) I put in my MAGIC ball can seriously IMPACT my predictions ABOUT sport events…so I covered my bet and put a LITTLE $$$ down on CALIFORNIA CHROME because he is the FAVORITE..so if he WINS the triple crown IT WILL offset some of the losses that I put on some other horses where the ODDS are bigger for them to win…BUT…..if one of my HORSES wins…it will be BETTER than every FRI-DAY which is PAY-DAY which MEANS it’s MY-DAY on a satur-DAY…and IF the RANGERS win TO-NIGHT…that’s what you call some “extra DELICIOUS gravy” on TOP!!!!!!! 😉


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