Check Out This Malaysia Airlines Advertisement From A Couple Of Years Ago


WOW!!!  I guess the days of ART imitating LIFE are officially over…which means we are NOW living in the days where ADVERTISING imitates LIFE…and THAT is most definitely not COOL for all of us….and just so you KNOW…in regards to what happened to missing MALAYSIA AIRLINES flight M370…MY THEORY IS VERY SIMPLE…just follow the MONEY..and by this I mean…there are ONLY 2 scenarios as to what happened to this tragic flight…

#1.  This Boeing 777 had a structural defect  and it exploded in MID-AIR  into a BILLION pieces…which means we will never know the truth because, as we all know, when it COMES to AMERICA…profits ALWAYS come BEFORE people and the TRUTH is ALWAYS bad for business…AND never FORGET…when it comes to the AMERICAN GOVERNMENT and the TREASONOUS corporations that own WASHINGTON, the simple WORDS, “being ACCOUNTABLE for one’s actions” is a SIN punishable BY death because as we ALL know..there is NEVER a profit in TELLING the TRUTH….

#2.  Some terrorists BENT on CRASHING a HUGE plane into a BUILDING in a city of a SUPER-POWER (china) took control of that PLANE which then led the CHINESE MILITARY to send some MILITARY planes to smash that SUCKER down into a BILLION pieces…And, once again, we WILL never know THE TRUTH for the reasons MENTIONED above (the truth = NO PROFITS)

I hate to SAY this…but WE all live IN very a CREEPY time..where the DEATH of HUMANS has become nothing MORE than a # that is PLACED in a FORMULA whose ONLY goal is to FEED the FANGS of ETERNAL greed for THE SELECTED few.



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