A Wise Word To All Who Have A Smart Phone


Just so everyone KNOWS…I am not HERE to offend ANYONE..I am HERE just to SPEAK the truth…and here is THE truth…SMART phones make PEOPLE stupid.  I will just USE one example to PROVE my point…Divide 85,434 by 37 in long division like we were taught in middle & high school…and, more than likely, you will get an INSTANT and smashing headache like I just did trying to remember how to do long division…I am NOT even going TO MENTION the fact that all SMART PHONES in AMERICA are NOT & have never been made in AMERICA by AMERICANS…they are made by SLAVE LABOR in communist COUNTRIES which completely UNDERMINES our too-BIG -to-FAIL capitalism…let ALONE mention the fact that these SURVEILLANCE, I mean, so-called SMART phones enable the NSA and the U.S. corporations that FEED this truly EVIL beast to SPY on OUR every move in life from NOW until ETERNITY…wake UP america…purposefully CONSUME less and LET washington KNOW…if it is NOT made in AMERICA by an AMERICAN..we will not BUY it….otherwise will become a NATION of DEMO-MONKEYS, I mean, IDIOTS…which, by the way, are the same thing 😉


Don't Waste My Time Or Yours!

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