The End Result Of Same Sex Marriage …..


According to some REPUBLICANS!!  Just kidding REPUBLICANS (but it’s true)…you guys have to REALEYEZ 😉 … that there IS no better feeling in life than a kicking a MAN when he is down and out…it’s time for the REPUBLICAN PARTY to evolve on multiple ISSUES…DENIAL of THIS fact will ONLY bring your demise from AMERICAN politics much sooner rather than much later…Never forget where you came from REPUBLICANS…that being the WHIG PARTY…continue in YOUR WAYS and this COUNTRY will end YOUR LIFE just like THIS COUNTRY did to the WHIG IDIOTS….and guess WHAT republicans..this country will BECOME great AGAIN just like when all those comical fools wearing those hysterically funny WHIGS disappeared into HISTORY forever…


Don't Waste My Time Or Yours!

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