The New World Order And The Declaration Of Their Independence


“We hold these truths to be SELF-EVIDENT, that all men are created UNEQUALLY, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable RIGHTS, that among these are DEATH, SLAVERY and the PURSUIT of DESTROYING planet EARTH. That to secure these RIGHTS, MEN are instituted among GOVERNMENTS, deriving their UNJUST powers from the consent of the %1er. That whenever any FORM of DISSENT from THE PEOPLE becomes DESTRUCTIVE of these ENDS, it is the RIGHT of the %1er to ALTER or ABOLISH it, and to INSTITUTE a new group of SLAVES/CITIZENS, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to guarantee their (the %1ers) their PROFTIS, SAFETY, and HAPPINESS.”

WAKE UP and OPEN YOUR EYEZ america!!! Phase One of Wall Street’s invisible COUP D’ETAT of the UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT has ALMOST been accomplished without a single drop of bloodshed….All that was required was to DOLE out many, many, many and many more SUITCASES full of INSIDER TRADING information/advice and guaranteed RE-ELECTION victories to our BEST FRIENDS FOREVER republican and democrat POLITICIANS. As we all already know, bill “INTERNET BUBBLE” clinton got the ball rolling when he REPEALED the GLASS STEAGALL act in 1999. This was followed by WAR CRIMINAL george “LET’S BANKRUPT AMERICA” bush jr. by starting 2 bogus WARS of CHOICE for PERSONAL GREED so that THE PATRIOT ACT could be passed…which brings us to president Barack “I’ll Approve The Keystone And Will Not Close Guantanamo Bay” Obama – the perfect SYMBOL to trick THE PEOPLE into BAILING OUT the SCUM of wall street so that CITIZENS UNITED could be SNEAKED in thru the BACK-DOOR in 2010. And finally, the future ELECTION VICTORY of the first FEMALE president HILLARY CLINTON in 2016 will be the finishing TOUCH to phase ONE of this BLOODLESS coup from THE cold, scummy HANDS of WALL STREET.

The %1ERS have PROVEN, once and for all, that there is AN IMMENSE profit in HISTORY repeating ITSELF. This is PHASE two of the NEW WORLD ORDER with a NEW wrinkle….The New World Order will first use oil & pollution to choke the planet a very slow & painful DEATH as they allow the HUMAN POPULATION to explode in the name of MORE PERSONAL PROFITS thru their MONOPOLIES/CORPORATIONS. As the planet’s resources become more and more scarce, I mean, in DEMAND, the %1ERS already IMMENSE wealth will expand exponentially a BILLION fold…And when the HUMAN POPULATION becomes TOO large as to make these GREEDY & IMMORAL a-holes nervous…it will be EXACTLY at this moment that TRICKS of old (disease and war) will be UNLEASHED upon the PEOPLE…as well as the NEW and ULTIMATELY most dangerous WEAPON of all TIME…the RISING sea levels and ever increasingly POWERFUL storms and inclement weather brought about by CLIMATE CHANGE from the DIRTY & POLLUTED hands of THE OIL INDUSTRY. Phase Three…SOCIALISM for the %1, COMMUNISM for THE REST.

Let’s take some of their PROFITS away by SPEAKING up, ORGANIZING and CONSUMING less america! We are 5% of the WORLD’S population who consumes and wastes 30% of the world’s RESOURCES. We have become FROZEN in time (to the detriment of the MAJORITY and the prosperity of the VERY few) but I have confidence that our MOMENT OF CLARITY is close at hand because it will be the BEAUTY within our GENERATIONS, not in our NATIONS and never in our CORPORATIONS that will be OUR only SALVATION. The ETERNAL optimist in me says, “LET’S MAKE LIFE BEAUTIFUL AGAIN and then let’s DIE!”… Let’s do this not for ourselves BUT for our beautiful children, grand children and great grand children.



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