Perhaps We Should Have Standing Ovations Rather Than Moments Of Silence After Mass Shootings In America?

What I’m about to say may seem EXTREMELY callous to some out there…so then, I will ask, “but is it anymore more callous than when AMERICANS males with mental issues decide to slaughter innocent AMERICAN during mass shootings with their LEGAL firearms?” I don’t think so.

So here goes….Can we all, as cowardly AMERICANS, please STOP having MOMENTS OF SILENCE for the INNOCENT Americans who have been SLAUGHTERED by TRULY selfish and mentally ill AMERICAN males during MASS SHOOTINGS with LEGAL FIREARMS in AMERICA!!!!! Do you want to KNOW why I think THIS way? Here’s why….because MOMENTS OF SILENCE after MASS SHOOTINGS with LEGAL FIREARMS in AMERICA insult the VERY intelligence of EVERY SINGLE AMERICAN alive TODAY…Do you want to know WHY this is? Very simple…Because, as AMERICANS, we all KNOW nothing WHATSOEVER will be DONE by our so-called GREAT government in order to prevent these truly TERRIBLE and HORRIBLE tragedies from HAPPENING again…Matter of fact, we, as AMERICANS, all know MASS SHOOTINGS by cowardly, selfish, mentally ILL american MALES has now practically become an every day part of our lives – which defeats of the WHOLE PURPOSE of having a MOMENTS OF SILENCE.

Let’s take what happened in FORT HOOD, texas this past week as the perfect EXAMPLE. In the past 5 years there have been 2 MASS SHOOTINGS (not ONE but TWO) where innocent, brave american SOLDIERS have been slaughtered…not by enemy soldiers in a foreign country…but by TRULY cowardly, selfish and mentally ILL american MALES. Two moments of silence in the past 5 years at FORT HOOD, texas means there will be ANOTHER mass shooting there in our very near future – that I know and promise. Does this mean that there will be another SANDY HOOK in our NEAR FUTURE? I most certainly HOPE not but, unfortunately, my ANSWER is YES – there will be another SANDY HOOK in our very near future – and still NOTHING will be done other than GUN-SALES across america will SKY-ROCKET

Perhaps having STANDING OVATIONS instead of MOMENTS OF SILENCE after MASS SHOOTIGNS using LEGAL FIREARMS in AMERICA will WAKE us all UP enough to realize that THIS STUPID SHIT has to come to an END once and for and with a real QUICKNESS. I mean, it worked for the ROMAN EMPIRE during the age of the GLADIATOR. Looking back at a little history, one will see that the GLADIATORIAL GAMES reached their PEAK in ROME during the 1st century B.C. (before CHRIST) thru the 2nd century A.D. (after CHRIST). However, in the year 380 A.D. (after CHRIST), when CHRISTIANITY was adopted as the STATE CHURCH of the ROMAN EMPIRE, the GLADIATORIAL GAMES rapidly waned in POPULARITY and then finally came to an end in the 5th century A.D. (after CHRIST).

America DOES NOT have a GUN PROBLEM – america has an AMERICAN MALE GUN problem. It’s really that simple! And, once we admit to this little fact, blue SKIES lay ahead because “recognition is half the battle” as they say. So, let’s have STANDING OVATIONS after MASS SHOOTINGS in AMERICA. This way we can APPLAUD the cowardice of a small percentage of mentally ill AMERICAN MALES packing LEGAL FIREARMS bent on slaughtering INNOCENT Americans for whatever selfish reasons they deem fit at any particular moment. Let us ALSO applaud the COWARDICE of our NOT-SO-GREAT government for doing absolutely nothing to try to STOP this type of LIFE-SUCKING sheer INSANITY.

Perhaps this will be the IMPETUS that is required to finally make us REALIZE that AMERICA has become ONE HUGE roman AMPHITHEATER filled with SLAVES, I mean, AMERICAN CITIZENS who have very little CHANCE of surviving AGAINST government sponsored and subsidized GUN-VIOLENCE lobbied THRU and BY the GUN MANUFACTURERS of AMERICA in order to gain our freedom FROM the tyranny of a small percentage of cowardly, selfish mentally-ill american MALES legally packing LEATHAL FIREARMS. In short, until we try SOMETHING different…our AMERICAN MALE GUN PROBLEM  will ONLY get worse NOT better.


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