Enjoy Your Dinner 50 Years From Now Stupid Effin Humans

Enjoy Your Dinner 50 Years From Now Stupid Effin Humans

If you claim that you truly love babies and children, then MOST definitely STOP having them because this will be their future dinner and it WILL NOT be very delicious nor HEALTHY. Every single HUMAN BEING alive TODAY will be FOUND guilty for DESTROYING this ONCE truly BEAUTIFUL planet. Whether you personally POLLUTE or not is not my concern…what is my concern is the truly IGNORANT silence and the SHEER LIES that we continuously spew from our POLLUTED mouths. I mean, it’s rather obvious that HUMANS truly hate this universe…so instead of ignorantly polluting our OCEANS (a source of IMPORTANT and HEALTHY food for stupid EFFIN humans) why DON’T we ship all of our GARBAGE up into SPACE….it’s just an idea that might save the lives of ALL OR OUR FUTURE CHILDREN..Until then, let’s try to be HONEST for the first time in our HUMAN lying LIVES and HISTORY and try to admit to the fact that we are all COMPLICIT in this horrible soon to come tragedy. STOP effin POLLUTING stupid HUMANS because all the governments in the WORLD will NOT. Hold your GOVERNMENT accountable for the GENOCIDE of our future babies and children from the cold HUMAN HANDS of starvation and polluted FOODS…Until then, WE ARE ALL LIARS and should just ADMIT that we TRULY despise babies, children and their FUTURES.

And…oh YEAH!!! I almost forgot…it’s going to be practically impossible to find MALAYSIA FLIGHT mh370 flight in those OCEANS that have hundreds of tons of pollution in it….


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