The 2nd Coming Of Christ Will Most Definitely Be Incoporated


When I was a young chap, I used to think that MONEY was the ROOT of all EVIL….but now… I know for certain that government is the ROOT of all EVIL – simply because it’s THE GOVERNMENT that prints all of the money. Fifty years from now when AMERICA is no longer GREAT, historians will look back and see that CITIZENS UNITED (in 2010), and now, McCutcheon v. Federal Election Commission, No. 12-536 (in 2014)  will be known as the major reasons for AMERICA’s rapid decline. Our truly corrupt and treasonous SUPREME COURT (in a 5-4 decision), once again, says it’s totally fucking cool for EVEN more money to be allowed to further pollute our democracy.

The conspiracy THEORIST in me wants to say that “the recent 24/7 NON-STOP media blitz for the past 3 weeks about the missing MALAYSIA FLIGHT MH 370 served its SINISTER and primary purpose of distracting the masses long enough while the SUPREME COURT secretly passed the McCutcheon v. Federal Election Commission, No. 12-536 under the table in exchange for many SUITFULS of cash…but I won’t say that!

Today was a very, very BAD day AMERICA (thanks to our treasonous SUPREME COURT). More money in politics means a MUCH WEAKER vote for all in all future elections – and, one day in our near future, the people’s vote will no longer count. Governments and corporations NEVER make a country GREAT…ONLY people make a COUNTRY, or a government, or a corporation GREAT. We live in an UPSIDE-DOWN, BACKWARDS & FORWARD world where greed is RICHLY rewarded and the truth always COSTS – where waste is profitable and honesty always compromised. Or as I like to put it, “WE live in a TRULY FUCKED up world and has EVERYONE lost THEIR fucking MINDS!!!”

Which brings us to my MAIN point. I used to think if Jesus were alive in America TODAY, he would die of multiple GUNSHOT wounds shot from the hands of an AMERICAN coward holding a LEGAL FIREARM who would THEN claim “STAND YOUR GROUND” solely because he didn’t agree with the MESSAGE of JESUS…I still think this now just so you know…but I would also like to add that JESUS should consider incorporating himself before coming back for the 2ND TIME because this will be the only way to get his MESSAGE out to the people. So, once again, an EXTRA SPECIAL thanks to our truly corrupt and treasonous U.S. SUPREME COURT JUDGES for selling AMERICA out to the highest bidder ONCE AGAIN….awesome JOB dudes!





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