A Day 99% Of The World Is Waiting For


Hey Prick, I mean, Dick Cheney…Effin die already! And, here’s a wise word of advice…If you do not want the whole world to cheer upon your death – SHUT your fucking, IGNORANT mouth up.  No one, and I mean, NO ONE wants to hear a word you have to say about ANYTHING.  When history looks back, it will see that AMERICA’S decline began the VERY day you cheated your way into the WHITE HOUSE with your running mate MR. STUPID, I mean, bush junior!  I know, I know….it must TRULY suck knowing that your FAKE self-importance won’t be truly appreciated by the world upon your death – but that’s what happens to fucking TREASONOUS, COWARDLY assholes.  Matter of fact and what you MOST want to deny is this simple fact – when your fake heart finally ticks its last tock, the world as well 99% of AMERICANS will CHEER like it did when HITLER died.  Your life and death will prove once and for all that cowardly men of greed who start wars for profit and power should never be considered GREAT ever again.  I mean, what today’s truly ignorant %1ers do not want to admit to is this simple fact –  the MASSES are starting to wake and realize that HISTORY is only written by RICH WHITE MEN which means it’s all A BIG, FAT lie.  In short, Prick, I mean, DICK CHENEY…you give ALL WHITE PEOPLE ON THIS PLANET a truly BAD NAME (and deservedly so).  So, shut your EFFIN mouth OR die ALREADY!

p.s. to all democrats who controlled congress when we started our last 2 wars for profit – you should all be sent to GUANTANAMO BAY immediately.  And then you should be ENHANCELY INTERROGATED, I mean, tortured for either being too cowardly, too ignorant, and/or too treasonous for beginning and THEN participating in AMERICA’S decline from GREATNESS.


Don't Waste My Time Or Yours!

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