Get Off My Effing Television Or Go To Effing War Already


One simple question for all the lame-stream, media whore outlets out there who are force-feeding us BOGUS NEWS 24 hours a day about this extremely boring UKRAINE situation.  Are you EFFING kidding me!!!!  Here’s all you need to know about this whole UKRAINE situation.

 #1.       If you think that the AMERICAN and/or RUSSIAN GOVERNMENTS have the slightest bit of concern for the people of UKRAINE and their PRETEND freedoms than you are more IGNORANT than THE MOST ignorant of VOTERS who would vote for ignorant republican DARRELL ISSA.

 #2.       And, in regards to this little SITUATION in the UKRAINE – the only thing that matters to the AMERICAN and RUSSIAN GOVERNMENTS is extorting more money from their peoples in order to put more profits in the pockets of their EVER-GREEDY militaries whose only goal is to choke nations to death with their FEAR FOR PROFITS propaganda and 20th century tactics.  And oh yea! And let’s not forget all those TRILLIONS in profits that the EVEN-GREEDIER polluting OIL BARONS of the world will be receiving as a direct result of this little situation in UKRAINE.

 All I can say is, “Whatever dudes!”  I’m in too much of a bad mood today to further comment on this waste of time BULLSHIT without using every single profanity in the English language so let me spark some kind, bright green BUD and puff myself into a nice, mellow mindset.

 One last question…Did Russia do anything when war criminals bush jr. and prick cheney started that bogus war in IRAQ under the lying pretense of WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION when we all know it was all about raping IRAQ for every last drop of that SWEET OIL they have in those deserts?  No!  So, we are not going to do anything about RUSSIA moving in on the UKRAINE oil-train – BET ON IT.  The polluting OIL BARONS of the world already struck that deal (the U.S. gets IRAQ while RUSSIA looks the other way while Russia gets the UKRAINE and we look the opposite of the other way) with the AMERICAN and RUSSIAN governments some 20 years ago or so.

 So please! Pretty please with all the sugar in the whole, wide world on top…. Just go to EFFING war or get off my FUCKING television already.


Don't Waste My Time Or Yours!

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