Just Like The Super Bowl And The Olympics, I Will Not Be Watching One Split Second Of The 2014 Oscar Awards


Just figured I’d let everyone know right off the bat! And you might be wondering why I am so anti-FAKE AMERICA these days?  And my answer to this question is very simple.  While the majority of Americans will be watching the OSCARS tomorrow, America THE UNGREAT will still be the leader in WORLD POLLUTION, GUN DEATHS, SLAVE LABOR IN 3RD WORLD COUNTIRES, THE DISMANTLING OF THE MIDDLE CLASS, THE DESTRUCTION OF FAMILIES FOR PROFITS, IGNORANCE, SELFISHNESS, HEALTHCARE FOR PROFIT, OBESITY, FAKE & BOGUS WARS FOR PROFIT, GENITICALLY CREATED FOODS FOR PROFITS, LIES, HYPOCRISY, CORRUPTION, CORPORATE PERSONHOOD, HEATHENS, FAKE CHRISTIANS, FRIVOLOUS LAWSUITS, CORRUPTED SPECIAL-INTEREST LOBBYISTS, and I can go on forever but I won’t because it would be a complete waste of time.  So, I beg of you AMERICA – while the majority of you are watching the OSCARS tomorrow evening please realize that there is a war going on between THE REAL AMERICA vs THE FAKE AMERICA.  And unfortunately, FAKE AMERICA in its eternal pursuit for more PROFITS is currently winning this WAR to the DETRIMENT of this planet.  In ending, tomorrow’s OSCARS represents america’s UNGREATNESS in every sense of the world – A FALSE PROJECTION of GREATNESS provided by the PROPAGANDA of HOLLYWOOD.

P.s. In full disclosure, I will admit that I will be watching TRUE DETECTIVES and then THE WALKING DEAD tomorrow evening because I feel these 2 shows best represent the real FAKE-AMERICA of today.


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