Clown Face Max Baucus Wins 2014 Corporate Fluffer Of The Year Award


For all you out there who may not know what a FLUFFER is, I’ll be the nice guy and provide the definition courtesy of Urban Dictionary.


Now don’t get me wrong now…I am not saying that Max Baucus is a porn star or works in the PORN industry whatsoever.  But he does work in an INDUSTRY more scummy and sleazy than the PORN industry itself; and, it’s called U.S. POLITICS.   And in this extra SLEAZY industry called U.S. POLITICS – Max Baucus’ sole job is to blow CORPORATE cock for companies like WALMART so it stays nice and hard before it’s RAMMED up THE ASSES of hard-working AMERICANS.

Hey Max!  You screwed the American people when you took the money from the U.S. HEALTHCARE FOR PROFIT system to make sure SINGLE PAYER would never happen in the UNITED STATES.  Matter of fact, everything that is utterly WRONG with OBAMACARE today can be traced right back to you CLOWN FACE max Baucus.  As if this wasn’t scummy enough, now you are trying to FAST-TRACK the TRANS-PACIFIC PARTNERSHIP with your best buddy Bill Clinton jr., I mean, PRESIDENT obama so that TRILLION DOLLAR u.s. corporations that pay no TAXES can have their shitty products made in countries like VIETNAM where workers are paid 50 cents an hour under horrible working conditions (child slave labor included).  And how much do you want to make a bet that when CLOWN FACE max baucus retires from U.S. POLITICS this year, he’ll become a POWER LOBBYIST in Washington.

P.s. God Bless Americans Because Satan Has Cursed Washington


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