Why The Hell Was I Forced To Take All Those Science Classes In School If The Republicans And Democrats Are Now Either Denying Or Ignoring It?


This is the type of stupid American horse manure bullshit that drives me nuts!!!  What the hell is going on here GUYS!  I mean, every year from like 4th grade until I graduated from college, I had to stress over studying science so that I could keep my GPA high enough in order to get into a decent college; and then, graduate from that decent college.  And, now our CORPORATE TROLL politicians gleefully mock and ignore SCIENCE to the detriment of every human being living on this planet today (and all future children tomorrow)…what a fucking JOKE!  I guess the old saying, “Hindsight has 20/20 vision” now rings “OH!” so true because if I had known back then what I know now – instead of being forced to take science class every year, I would have demanded that I be allowed to take “How To Blow A Crooked Politician Like A Dirty Whore Lobbyist” class and everything would have been all good!

 God Bless Americans Because Satan Has Cursed The American Government


Don't Waste My Time Or Yours!

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