Why Is This Ignorant Troll Aka Ted Nugent Still Alive Or Not In Jail?


Hey Ted!!!!…Duuude!!!!  Why aren’t you dead or in jail like you PROMISED the world 2 years ago!  I mean, you SWORE TO GOD in front of all us if President Obama was re-elected again you would be dead or in jail!  Why hasn’t this happened yet!  Perhaps its because you are just like every other single LYING republican out there who takes pride in breaking THEIR WORD.  And don’t get me wrong NOW!  I am not a big fan of best friends forever republicans and democrats….and I know for A FACT that when people look back at our history, they will learn that this current batch of best friends forever republicans and democrats are ONE and THE SAME party who take turns wearing the BAD GUY hat and who BOTH equally TRULY disdain the AMERICAN people and this BEAUTIFUL PLANET.  As far as I am concerned, the only difference between the democrats and republicans of today is very simple – the DEMOCRATS have practiced the ABILITY to pretend that they care about WE THE PEOPLE and THIS BEAUTIFUL PLANET just a wee-bit more!

 So, my advice to TED NUGENT is very simple…SHUT THE FUCK UP and go be the GOOD little GERBIL-HAMSTER that you are and RUN UP AND DOWN ted cruz’s unpatriotic, dirty ASSHOLE and just die ALREADY.  Duuuude!  You are a fucking CONFEDERATE CLOWN and your sheer IGNORANCE and HYPOCRISY give all HONEST, HARD-WORKING, TRULY GOOD white people A BAD NAME all across this BEAUTIFUL PLANET.



5 thoughts on “Why Is This Ignorant Troll Aka Ted Nugent Still Alive Or Not In Jail?

  1. Reblogged this on realeyezlife and commented:

    I had to REBLOG my own BLOG because if you GOOGLE the words…ted nugent ignorant troll…both my blog and image are #1 on GOOGLE…and this MAKES me so VERY happy and PROUD….you broke YOUR word dude!!! And that ain’t right because that’s like a WOLF crying, “wolf!” when a pack of HYENAS come rolling by MOBB deep style…allow me to remind YOU once again…you PROMISED the entire WORLD that if OBAMA was elected again that, “YOU’D BE EITHER DEAD OR IN JAIL!!!”…and I’m still waiting…but NOT to worry ted…I sort of knew that you were that “type of guy” if you KNOW what I’m saying…

    Once again, heed my advice mr. Nugent – keep your stupid mouth shut OKAY!….and stop spewing your ignorance about GUNS and the NRA and about how the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT is out to steal your 2nd amendment rights and FIRE-ARMS…need I have to remind you that 26 truly beautiful and innocent children ATTENDING elementary school were slaughtered by an american LUNATIC legally armed to the TEETH…and ABSOLUTELY..and I mean, ABSOLUTELY nothing was DONE by our TRULY cowardly and craven politicians from either side of the political aisle in WASHINGTON…matter of FACT, the ONLY thing that HAPPENED is that GUN SALES sky-rocketed like NEVER before seen in our HISTORY…and THAT’S truly terrifying…and EVEN more TERRIFYING is the fact that YOU (ted NUGENT) take immense pride in that LITTLE, HARD TO SEE fact…so, ONCE AGAIN…..SHUT your COWARDLY, FREEDOM-STEALING , gun-NUT, coporate-TROLL mouth UP…AND while you are at it.. please EXPLAIN to me why you TAKE pride in YOUR STANCE against OBAMACARE..when IT IS your very taxes that are PAYING for the healthcare of OTHER hard-working POOR and LOWER MIDDLE-CLASS not FROM texas…I mean, are you TRULY that ignorant and HATEFUL toward the VERY citizens OF YOUR own STATE that you are NO longer able to see that you are the very EPITOMY of what an IGNORANT, COPORATE TROLL is…

    And just so YOU KNOW mr. NUGENT…I’ll give you the BENEFIT of the DOUBT..and will give you MY WORD that (I am a MAN of my WORD)…if you are good little boy and keep your stupid mouth shut THIS YEAR…I will think about TAKING this blog down..this way (from NOW until ETERNITY) every time SOMEONE googles the words “ted nugent ignorant troll” my blog and image won’t be THE FIRST ONE that pops up…

    p.s. To a fellow excellent blogger friend of mine (please follow MIKEDOLANSEZ on wordpress – he’s excellent)…I know, I know…ted nugent is a SHOW-MAN…but I’m trying to be SHOW-MAN (in my own way) too 🙂

  2. Ya gotta remember first and foremost, the Nuge is a showman—a show off—and he’s found an attention grabbing platform. He is however every bit as passionate as you or I—just in different directions. And he still suffers from Cat Scratch Fever!

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