West Virginia And North Carolina Now Have To Undrink The Polluted Water That Our Corrupt Government Told Them Was Safe To Drink


Truth be told…I was originally going to title this one “America Has A Bad Case Of Western Virginia Disease” (the newly mutated version of WESTERN NILE DISEASE that has been plaguing America recently) but then NORTH CAROLINA and the DANE RIVER happened on SUPERBOWL Sunday where 82,000 tons of COAL ASH somehow spilled into the Dane River.  And since I just smokeD a little GREEN-AGE aka THE CANNABIS, I’m going to bust this out real quick.  This is what’s going down with OUR current version of the AMERICAN GOVERNMENT these days.  Citizens United has ushered in a new BREED of scumbag into WASHINGTON.  His name is the LOBBYIST and his specialty is his UNIQUE way of carrying SUITCASES full of RE-ELECTION VICTORIES to every single one of our current politicians…straight from the cold, evil hands of the TODAY’S %1ers AKA “the inheritance class” (the worst type of %1er)…who own BILLION DOLLAR polluting CORPORATIONS…that pay no TAXES with demeaning and insulting pride

 And here is how it works from point A to point B….THE POLITICIAN gets the suitcase full of RE-ELECTION VICTORIES from THE LOBBYIST (on top of his already PLUSH salary and  perks paid for by the U.S. taxpayer)…then THE POLITICIAN looks the OTHER WAY with UNREGULATING EYES when THE %1ERS’ polluting corporations violate every law on the books (and there are MANY) with impunity when it comes to safe DRINKING WATER for the American people.  And then, if by chance, SOMETHING terrible happens (and they always do) the solution is real SIMPLE – just bring in the fucking KANGAROO COURTS filled with terrible actors and rubber stamped JUDGES from THE EPA fascist AGENCY to pretend TO DOLE out fake punishments that are NEVER criminal.  And then, the second to last COCK-SLAP to the left cheek of the hard-working AMERICAN people’s faces is when THE POLITICIAN fines THE %1ERS’ billion dollar POLLUTING CORPORATIONS just a sliver of the amount of what that corporation should pay in TAXES which brings us to the final and MOST insulting joke of all – THE POLITICIAN then becomes THE LOBBYIST..and then the vicious cycle starts all over again with a planet filled with MORE POLLUTED WATER.

 If the American people cannot find a way to repeal CITIZENS UNITED and do this extra quick…we will all, unfortunately, be forced to learn how to undrink and uneat all of our future water and food… and that’s definitely going to be a tough one.  But, in the greediest NATION of all NATIONS in the HISTORY of MANKIND, I am 100% certain that the “POWERS THAT BE” are already working on this TECHNOLOGY (probably creating the PATENTS right now) as another way to RING IN more profits that they do NOT need.  We live in ONE BIG JOKE with depressing CLOWNS as our political and religious leaders doing the dirty work for the cancerous %1 who are sucking the very life from this PLANET.


One thought on “West Virginia And North Carolina Now Have To Undrink The Polluted Water That Our Corrupt Government Told Them Was Safe To Drink

  1. Reblogged this on centerlefty and commented:
    What is described here is also known in Washington DC nomenclature as: THE REVOLVING DOOR, and many presidents, including Obama, have promised to stop it, but the process continues. For example, Obama’s recent appointees as ambassadors who can’t even speak the language of the country they will be representing the US in.

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