Adios Cable Television And Hello Internet Only


In response to yesterday’s news that Comcast will purchase Time Warner Cable for 45 billion dollars, I called my cable company (RCN) and immediately instructed them to cancel my cable services.  So now, I have Internet only and I could not be any HAPPIER.  All cable companies across AMERICA must have me confused with some other DEMO-MONKEY american idiot whose favorite pastime is texting their lives away on a STUPID-PHONE made in CHINA.  And guess what STUPID-ASS cable companies!  You will never get another penny from me until you friggin, fucking, stupid, greedy assholes provide A LA CARTE programming – meaning I ONLY pay a nominal fee for the TV stations I want to watch.  Now, I am sure there are many of you out there that are saying, “The greedy bastard cable companies will just increase your INTERNET ONLY services so they still will fuck you in the end anyway!”  To which my response is, “True dat!  And when that happens, I will cancel my INTERNET SERVICES ONLY as well!”  I am done playing with TOO BIG TO FAIL american corporations who ALWAYS make billions in profits yearly.  I mean, I paying 1,200 smackers (U.S. DOLLARS) a year (basic cable & basic internet) so that I can be COMMERCIALED to death by a bunch of shitty TV stations who continuously give me less programming and more idiotic fucking COMMERCIALS.  The last time I checked, this type of BUSINESS PRACTICE is called “DOUBLE DIPPING” – meaning they are NOT only getting paid by the CONSUMER for their shitty services; but also, by the ADVERTISERS who then run one ENDLESS stream of ridiculously, ignorant commercials from CORRUPT, U.S TAX PAYER SUBSIDIZED corporations like EXXON trying to convince the RENEWABLE DUMMIES of America, I mean, american citizens how much they care about the ENVIRONMENT.

 Now, you may be thinking that I am being a little unfair to my cable and internet provider RCN which had nothing to do with Comcast & Time Warner deal – but not really because 2 weeks ago, I got a letter from them saying that my cable bill is increasing by $6 dollars next month.  Here’s there reason why in their own words,

 “Programming fees paid to networks and sports channels, plus transmission fees from local broadcasters comprise the largest cost in our business and are unfortunately growing at four times the rate of inflation.  To help offset a portion of these rapidly escalating fees, you will see an additional Broadcast TV Surcharge of $4 dollars and a Sports Surcharge of  $2 dollars on your next billing statement.”

 Are these fucking ignorant, greedy corporate trolls in the CABLE INDUSTRY fucking SERIOUS or what!  As if I was born into this world to make cable companies even wealthier than they already are TODAY.  Look everyone!  I don’t mind getting fucked by CORPORATE AMERICA every once in a while because I am mature enough to realize that this is part of life SOMETIMES.  But if I AM GOING TO GET FUCKED by corporate America – then all I ask from THEM is to have the COMMON DECENCY to pull the fucking CONDOM out of my ass when THEY are done.  THAT’S IT!!!!!!!!!!  And these corporate whore CLOWNS cannot even do this!  I mean, if you idiots with your PAID FOR army of lobbyists and politicians are willing to lose $1,200 SMACKERS a year in your attempt to squeeze another $72 dollars a year from your loyal customers – I DON’T WANT YOUR BUSINESS & please get away from me immediately.


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