Standing My Unarmed Ground Against America And The Monopolies, I Mean, Corporations That Own It


First things first, let’s THANK the LORD that our FOUNDING FATHERS had the wisdom to know that GUNS are for COWARDS who are afraid of other COWARDS with guns.  I mean, if this weren’t true then there would have never been a 2nd Amendment in our Constitution.  And do realize that GOD never BLESSES a country that does absolutely nothing after the massacre of 20 truly beautiful and innocent children while attending elementary school by a cowardly American LUNATIC with his cowardly legal firearm.  Long story short, I do not need a gun to STAND MY GROUND against America.  Matter of fact, only truly ignorant AMERICANS would deny that the NRA and the GUN MANUFACTURERS of AMERICA have created the ultimate BLUE PRINT as to how other corrupt and evil industries can STRONG-ARM, I mean, BRIBE, I mean, LOBBY our corrupt politicians in WASHINGTON in its eternal pursuit of PROFITS before PEOPLE.  Let’s never forget that every single weapon ever created on the face of this planet has always had ONE sole purpose – to enslave PEACE-LOVING people who don’t have them.  So, in a way, everything that is completely wrong and immoral on this planet can be traced back to WEAPONS and their USE OF THEM by people against other people.  Even worse is the fact that if every single person on this planet owned a gun (the NRA’s & GUN MANUFACTURERS’ wet dream come true) – this entire planet would THEN become ONE IGNORANT, COWARDLY SLAVE to the GUN MANUFACTURERS of the world in their pursuit to be just as armed as the NEXT COWARD.  So, I totally believe that COWARDS all across AMERICA should have the right TO BEAR ARMS simply because America has recently become the HOME of the COWARD not the brave.

 So, I will STAND MY GROUND against today’s current version of AMERICA and the CORPORATIONS that own it with what matters most to AMERICA – my money!  In every conceivable way humanly possible, I will not spend my money on anything other than the necessities of life – water, food, a roof over my head, etc.  The days of being an ignorant AMERICAN consumer are OVER for me.  I mean, if NOTHING in AMERICA is made in AMERICA by people who are NOT american – THEN this makes complete sense to me.  And if AMERICAN CORPORATIONS in collaboration with the UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT continue to risk the lives of AMERICANS and their children with tragedies like SANDY HOOK and what is currently happening in West Virginia, then IT MAKES ALL THE MORE SENSE that I don’t spend my money on anything other than the necessities of life– that would just condone the CRIMINAL BEHAVIOR of our current CORPORATIONS and GOVERNMENT under the guise of their definition of the word FREEDOM which means NOTHING more than PROFITS before PEOPLE.  The United States government NO LONGER represents FREEDOM to freedom loving people around the world.  It now represents CORPORATE GREED to the ULTRA greedy corporations from all over the world.  It’s really that simple.

 Boycotting America is the answer to all of our PROBLEMS and, MORE IMPORTANTLY, will make it a SAFER planet for all.  I mean, if PROFITS are more important to MY GOVERNMENT and CORPORATIONS than people  – THEN MY GOVERNMENT & U.S. CORPORATIONS DO NOT GET ANY OF MY fucking PROFITS ever again.  It’s really that simple.  So, to all Americans, if you care about AMERICA in any way or form, please spend YOUR MONEY wisely – if you don’t need something THEN please HOLD YOUR MONEY and don’t purchase it.  Conversely, if by chance, you do find something that is made in AMERICA by an AMERICAN, then, by all means, purchase it immediately if you can afford it even though you might not need it.  And this goes without saying, the sooner we do this together the better for all Americans and everyone on this planet in that ORDER.

 If we continue on the present course we are on, our great grandchildren (everyone NOT in the %1) will be working 120 hours a week for nothing more than 20 gallons of semi-clean water, 10 pounds of MONSANTO genetically engineered FOODS, and 3 kilowatts of electricity (and NO CLEAN air) a month.  And for all those who doubt my words and advice – look no further than SUPER POWER rome in the first century A.D. where a HANDFUL of CHRISTIANS not only refused to believe in the ROMAN SYSTEM but also refused to participate in its PAGAN RITUALS.  My name is CHRISTIAN and I’m just trying to be the best Christian I can HUMANLY be.


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