A Coloring Book Not To Purchase

A Coloring Book Not To Purchase

All I can say is this idiot is a real-life genuine clown. I mean, he is FAR, FAR behind Mr. Blubber (aka Chris Christie) in the polls as the future republican presidential candidate in 2016 despite the fact that Mr. Blubber will be ejected as governor of New Jersey within the next year due to his Bridge Gate scandal on top of using Hurricane Sandy money as his own personal political slush fund. I can’t wait until the GOP is swept into the unwiped asshole of history and it will be just like the WHIG PARTY of old. I mean, if you clowns cannot even beat a supposed Muslim born in Kenya, don’t even think you have a chance against Hillary. I have never been and will never be a CLINTON fan but Hillary will landslide you clowns 2 times in a row and then see ya! And never forget REPUBLICANS – no war criminal bush jr. and there would have never been a President Obama for 2 terms nor a President Hillary Clinton for another 2 terms – it’s the TRUTH!  So, yet again…YOU LOSE!


Don't Waste My Time Or Yours!

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