Why The American People Should Turn West Virginia Into A Huge Parking Lot Immediately


If I have said this once, I have said this more times than the current U.S. NATIONAL DEBT (more than 17 trillion times) – “It’s always the beautiful and innocent children who suffer and lose the most from the IGNORANCE and HYPOCRISY of their parents”.  So, I am going to get the point right off the friggin BAT – every single adult who has children in WEST VIRGINIA should be put in a maximum security prison for a minimum of 20 years for ENDANGERING THE WELFARE OF A CHILD and CHILD ABUSE.  Here you have a state in AMERICA who has constantly and consistently taken pride in its own  COAL IGNORANCE for centuries risking the health of neighboring states and its children with big, black “LOOK HOW GREAT COAL IS” smiles on their faces.  Even more insulting to the intelligence of this ONCE GREAT democracy is the fact that when the ENVIRONMENTALISTS cried wolf decades ago about the dangers of coal pollution – you ignorant fools scoffed and laughed like it was one big Johnny Carson joke from the past.  And now the INBREDS, I mean, IDIOTS of WEST VIRGINIA want the rest of AMERICA to feel sorry for them and their IGNORANT, SELF-INDUCED plight.  I hate to say this (not really), “BUT THAT’S NOT GOING TO HAPPEN!”

The only thing that should happen to the idiots of WEST VIRGINIA (in my simple and humble opinion) is that ALL adults should be forced to drink their favorite, cold beverage of COAL POLLUTANT WATER until they die a very slow and painful death in their own PUKE and DIARRHEA after having their children taken away from them and given to families outside of WEST VIRGINIA who actually love CHILDREN unlike WEST VIRGINIANS who truly hate them!  Friggin fucking IDIOTS!  If anyone has read my previous post on this topic – “When Coal Pollutants Tastes Great In West Virginia” ( http://wp.me/p3KRPg-pT ) you will know that every single one of my predictions have now come true.

  1. First and foremost, there will be no CRIMINAL CHARGES whatsoever for what happened in WEST VIRGINIA.  My proof?  Oh! That’s an easy one!  Just in case you idiots didn’t notice, the CEO of the corporation responsible for this tragedy has already fled to ENGLAND weeks ago.  Even worse is the fact that this same corporation (FREEDOM INDUSTRIES) has already filed for BANKRUPTCY (weeks ago as well) so there goes any punitive damages that should be placed on polluting corporations that despise everything about America except for the profits they make off of ignorant Americans.
  2. Secondly, this will happen AGAIN very soon not only in WEST VIRGINIA but in other states as well.  My proof?  Just look at what happened to North Carolina recently – 82,000 tons of coal ash spilled into the DANE RIVER.
  3. And, last but not least, there will be EVEN more children born in the WEST VIRGINIA with even more BIRTH DEFECTS in THE STATE that ALREADY leads the nation with the most BIRTH DEFECTS.

And NO! I am not going to apologize for my harsh words and feelings about this tragic AMERICAN event simply because the current ignorance of a small group of ignorant Americans enables our corrupt government and the even more corrupt corporations that own our government to continue to flout the laws already on the BOOKS with IMPUNITY.  But, being that I am a nice guy deep down, I will give the idiots of WEST VIRGINIA one last BENEFIT of doubt if they truly want the American people and I not to turn WEST VIRGINIA into a huge, useless parking lot.  And ironically, the advice I am about to give you is YOUR LAST, FINAL chance to get rid of that ignorant, smug, coal-black teeth SMILE you fools have been so proud of for the past couple of centuries.

 So, here’s my very simple advice to WEST VIRGINIA – whether you take it or leave it is no concern of mine but your choice will determine the fate of your children for better or for worse.  Shut down every single COAL PLANT in WEST VIRGINIA immediately until your WATER is so PRISTINE CLEAN that even GOD would come down from the HOLY SKIES of HEAVEN for a quick gulp.  I do NOT care in the slightest how this is done but start IMMEDIATELY.  Let me repeat…I don’t FUCKING care if it takes 2nd amendment remedies, the ability to grow half of a fucking brain, organizing & educating, or having a huge INBRED PARTY at coal plants all over WEST VIRGINIA…just fucking do something other than wanting the REST OF AMERICA to feel sorry for you ignorant fools who have continuously laughed at the scientists WHO have cried wolf for the past 2 centuries or so.  There is ONLY one fact, you idiots need to know….and that is right now as I am typing these very words, and while your kids cannot go to school, and why puke and diarrhea are flying out of your mouth and asses – the coal plants of WEST VIRGINIA are still up and running and EARNING HUGE PROFITS while truly fake and treasonous U.S. Senators start their HEARINGS about this TRAGEDY sipping fresh, clean BOTTLED water that POOR, IDIOTIC west Virginians CANNOT afford.

And one last word to AMERICA…wake the FUCK UP real fast and have a huge bowl of BIG BALLS cereal because WE all need to start standing up for what we know DEEP DOWN in our souls is the complete ANTI-THESIS of what our children should have to deal with in their pursuit of happiness – a barren, void world where clean water costs 10 dollars a gallon.  And please allow me to remind everyone that there has never been a SUPER POWER in this planet’s history that DIDN’T have clean water.  So, if you think that this government and the monopolies that own it, will not POLLUTE every single BODY OF WATER on this planet in order to reap in more profits for the %1ers then your descendents must be from WEST VIRGINIA.  I know for a fact and with pride that I don’t have the WEST VIRGINIA disease in my genes.  The ball is in your court WEST VIRGINIA so stop SLURPING that nasty LICORICE water while feeling sorry for yourselves because not only did you did this To YOURSELVES but you did it with PRIDE.  So, do something BRAVE like TRUE Americans from our past would do AND stand up and fight for the health & lives of your CHILDREN.


One thought on “Why The American People Should Turn West Virginia Into A Huge Parking Lot Immediately

  1. michaelbarrick says:

    Thanks for reading and commenting on my post. I will be writing more. I remain hopeful that we the people can make change. I’ll not let the robber barons run me out of my home state. I prefer to stay and fight. Read up on McClure’s Magazine (late 1800s to early 1900s). By using the pen, we can, in time, win.

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