I Will Not Be Watching One Second Of The Super Bowl Tonight


Just figured I’d let everyone know right off the bat.  Why do you ask?  Because I already know what’s going to happen.   In the most greediest sport of all whose only concern is profits, this year’s Super Bowl pits the #1 jersey seller (Peyton Manning) vs the #2 jersey seller (Russell Wilson).  And in a country that constantly and eternally puts PROFITS before PEOPLE, it’s a lock that Denver will win in a very close, high-scoring game because the more eyeballs and fake drama the better for advertisers in this year’s COMMERCIAL, I mean, Super Bowl.   And never forget this fact – more women are physically abused and beaten on Super Bowl Sunday than any other day of the year.  Ain’t America AWESOME!  So, my ONE-MAN boycott of FAKE AMERICA continues – you get none of my money or eyeballs looking at your fake garbage.  I want a refund or the REAL AMERICA back OKAY!

Final Score:  Denver 38-31 – but I could be wrong…and I wouldn’t care in the slightest if I were…so there you go!


Don't Waste My Time Or Yours!

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