Candy Crushed


I will keep this nice and sweet – Fuck Off and Fuck You!  Please stop begging me for my money so that I can CHEAT further through your game.   You are not going to get one single, DAMNED, red penny of my hard-earned money EVER.  Matter of fact, I will no longer play another second of your bullshit game simply because the whole point of this game is to FLEECE as much money as humanly possible from SUCKERS all over the planet.  Even more depressing is the fact that games like CANDY CRUSH are the PERFECT example of how to become UBER-wealthy by getting lazy AMERICANS, I mean, SUCKERS to pay MORE money in order to FURTHER waste their life. If you truly love life – NEVER PLAY THIS GAME.   You can thank me for my wise words of advice in YOUR next LIFE.   


Don't Waste My Time Or Yours!

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