The True Story About A One Man Boycott In America


I am the annoying, little, incessantly BUZZING in your ear mosquito that keeps a person up all night slapping themselves while I look for the perfect opportunity to suck some dirty, filthy American blood.  I do this not so much for my love of tasting human blood (matter of fact, I hate the taste of blood most of the time – the only time it tastes GREAT is when I ingest a little of America’s new drug of choice BATH SALTS which makes eating AMERICAN face extra TASTY).  I do this in hopes of spreading a brand new virus of hope throughout America before we are “ALL FUCKED FOREVER”, I mean, it’s WAY too late.  I mean, if you cannot see that BEST FRIENDS FOREVER republicans and democrats are one and the same party who take turns wearing the BAD GUY hat in their overzealous DIVIDE & CONQUER politics – then my theory that America’s MOST precious COMMODITY today is nothing more than it’s own ignorant citizens aka RENEWABLE DUMMIES comes true.  And just so you know, pointing ignorant PARTISAN fingers at each other does NOT solve the problem; matter of fact, it’s the WET DREAM come true for our corrupt, ever greedy politicians and their army of LAWYERS & LOBBYISTS as they circle the wagons of WE THE PEOPLE and strip every last vestige of freedom from us with that HUGE & EXTRA FAKE, SMUG fucking smile on their faces.  In short, a country where ONLY the RICH can afford to PURCHASE their freedom while everyone else’s ONLY freedom is the right to kill another for whatever reason they deem fit with their LEGAL WEAPONS is nothing more than TOO BIG TO FAIL CAPITALISM – not a DEMOCRACY.

 If there are 2 things that life has taught me in my 47 years of living SO FAR is that there are NO coincidences in the LIFE of the ONLY SUPER POWER and that HISTORY REPEATS ITSELF only because there is a PROFIT in it by the very people who can AFFORD to write OUR HISTORY.  Like for example, there is a reason why OBAMACARE aka the AFFORDABLE CARE ACT was passed into LAW as America became the most OBESE nation on the face of this planet by one party (the democrats) while the other party (the republicans) offered absolutely no alternative WHATSOEVER (because, as we all know, the very concept of OBAMACARE aka THE AFFORDABLE CARE act was created by the conservative think-tank THE HERITAGE FOUNDATION way back in the early 1990s).  Or, let’s take TOO BIG TO FAIL as another example.  I mean, the very second that we handed over our money to bail out the very banks that almost bankrupted our country with their 100% ILLEGAL & TREASONOUS UNRELENTING GREED was the very moment BEST FRIENDS FOREVER republicans and democrats solidified into law WHY every 30 years HISTORY will repeat itself in America – all in the name of EVEN MORE profits for evil beings that don’t need any more profits for centuries to come.  Or, let’s take CORPORATE PERSONHOOD aka CITIZEN UNITED, as yet another perfect example of how BEST FRIENDS FOREVER republicans and democrats truly show their bi-partisan UTTER DISDAIN toward the very people that put them in power and pay their CORRUPT salaries.  Just the name alone (CITIZENS UNITED) is a TOTAL insult to any kind of intelligence out there in the universe; and, it is a truly sad TESTAMENT of how truly ignorant Americans have recently become.  Even more disturbing is the newly found pride present in AMERICAN ignorance today compared to when this country was the GREATEST COUNTRY on the face of earth just a couple of decades ago when MADE IN AMERICA and I AM THE CUSTOMER actually meant something dear and near to our hearts.

 And, mark my words, the VERY second CORPORATE PERSONHOOD aka CITIZENS UNITED became law in our country a few years back, it will only become INEVITABLE that RELIGIOUS PERSONHOOD will follow suit in our very near future which will probably be called ALL GODS UNITED by our BEST FRIENDS FOREVER republican and democrat politicians in their attempt to further pad their pockets with even more cash-flow while stealing even more freedoms in the stealth of the night with their newly purchased & paid for by us NIGHT VISION google glasses.

Ok Ok! Let me calm down a little because I’m getting all worked up again which means my blood pressure is probably exploding like when an american hears a muslim saying, “bomb go boom” on an airplane.  And that’s not good for my health according to my newly acquired AFFORDABLE CARE ACT doctor.  And, for this reason alone, I am taking ONE simple, drastic step in my own personal life so that I won’t have horrible feelings of guilt on my future deathbed whenever that may be.  I will not SPEND one single DAMN RED penny of my money this year or in any years to come on anything other than the necessities of life i.e. food, water, a roof over my head, heat, a few items of clothing, cat food and litter for my cat and that’s it – UNLESS IT IS MADE ONLY IN AMERICA by a small American business owner.  That means no Chinese or India made cheap, slave labor products as gifts for any holiday in America INCLUDING  for my own birthday.  This also means not one penny in POLITICAL DONATIONS whatsoever UNLESS that person is for ENDING CORPORATE PERSONHOOD immediately (not tomorrow, or next year, or a decade from now).  No more cable television because it’s one long, ignorant commercial with pretend NEWS purchased by US corporations to sell their constant unwanted TREASONOUS, propaganda garbage.  In short, I am tuning AMERICA out of my life ENTIRELY simply because I know THE ROOT OF ALL GOVERNMENT EVIL is money so I am AIMING my patriotic WRATH at the very U.S. MONOPOLIES, I mean, corporations that I am certain are destroying this country all in the name of GREED IS GOOD.  I am doing this as of this moment because I can and know that in 50 years my words and actions will probably be punishable by death if things in AMERICA do not change DRASTICALLY real quick.  So, I’m sending an extra big “FUCK YOU” to every single AMERICAN big corporation – and an even bigger “FUCK YOU” to our lying media who are also owned by big CORPORATE AMERICA – no more  FUCKING SOUP FOR FUCKING ANY OF YOU!  Because, if all you care about is INK on PAPER or DIGITS on a SCREEN, I mean, money THEN you get absolutely NONE of my money unless you REFUND me the real AMERICA back right now–  until then, you can stick my skinny, little pinkie finger as far up your STANKY ass as humanly possible for all I fucking care.

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