If I Were A Policeman In America Today With 300 Million Guns Out There, I Would Most Definitely Shoot First And Then Maybe Ask Questions Later Depending On My Mood


Oh wait a minute!  This is already happening on a daily basis in the HOME OF THE SLAVE, I mean, FREE and the LAND OF THE IGNORANT COWARD, I mean, BRAVE so my title above is kind of RENDUNDANT don’t ya think!  So, I say we play new variation of old game many Americans love.  It’s called “LET’S MAKE A CREEPY DEAL” where contestants get to choose from 4 different CURTAINS of CREEPINESS in order to win cheesy prizes made in China provided by U.S. corporate sponsors.  And no offense to creepy Bob Barker but I will be the Host of this variation of an old game; and, I will let you, my readers, be the contestants who will pick the creepiest curtain to become our FIRST GRAND PRIZE WINNER.  How about that for a BIASED, I mean, bird’s eye view on the issue of guns in AMERICA!

Now obviously, I am NOT going to provide curtains in my Blog so you will have to use your imagination and choose from the 4 different images provided below as to who the creepiest group of gun owners are.

(I specifically made this blog extra long knowing that the average GUN-LOVING nut has an IQ a few digits less than a FUCKING FLAT stone and probably will not read this in its entirety)





For all who picked Curtain #1….WRONG!!!!!!!!!!   And you are a TRUE ignorant IDIOT who should stop drinking LISTERINE as your favorite alcoholic beverage simply because if there WEREN’T for all those ignorant creepy, lobbying, corporate personhood whores in CURTAIN #4, creepy gang members wouldn’t be able to get their hands on LEGAL GUNS at their nearest Walmart store or Gun Shows (let’s not forget that if you are GANG MEMBER who hasn’t been arrested yet, it’s as easy as ABC or 123 to get their hands on a GUN).  In regards to gang members with felony arrests; once again, it’s as easy as 123 or ABC to get their hands on ILLEGAL GUNS in our underground GUN market.   Let’s never forget that there is no SUCH THING as illegal GUN MANUFACTURERS in this country producing GUNS.  And to all YOU gun luving, corporate personhood whore IDIOTS who are tempted to say, “THE LAWS ARE ON THE BOOKS, JUST ENFORCE THEM!” please STOP with your pretend, cut and paste IGNORACE.  I will explain in CURTAIN #3 why you truly are a CANCEROUS and EVIL, unpatriotic, so-called AMERICAN who is destroying this country.

 For all who picked Curtain #2….WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!  And you are an even bigger IGNORANT CORPORATE TROLL than all who picked Curtain #1.  Once again, if it weren’t for the ignorant, unpatriotic, lobbying corporate personhood whore, asshole PUNKS in Curtain #4, insane PEOPLE would NOT be able to get their CUCKOO, CUCKOO hands on firearms.  And, once again, please don’t say, “THE LAWS ARE ON THE BOOKS, JUST ENFORCE THEM!” because curtain #3 will provide your answer.

 For all who picked Curtain #3….CLOSE but NO CIGAR!  Once again, we can thank all the lobbying corporate personhood WHORES in Curtain #4 for turning this once BEAUTIFUL and FREE country into a POLICE STATE.  I am going to let you in on a little secret that our BEST FRIEND FOREVER republican and democrat politicians will never tell WE THE PEOPLE and is why they are so UNWILLING to enforce all the laws that are already in THE BOOKS in regards to guns in this country.  Now I know this may be difficult for the ignorant ONES to comprehend; but, once again, it’s as easy as 123 or ABC to understand why OUR GOVERNMENT loves guns SO MUCH and will never ENFORCE the laws the on THE BOOKS.  Both republicans and democrat LOVE guns and will do everything in their power to try to guarantee that GUN CONTROL never happens.

Reason #1 – the 2nd amendment is the MOST PERFECT & EFFECTIVE WEAPON that enslaves free people and allows CORRUPT politicians to remain in POWER for ETERNITY.  Why do you ask?  Oh, it’s SO very obvious for people who are NOT fucking lobbying, lying, ignorant, corporate personhood, 2nd Amendment whores whose only vision of FREEDOM consists of allowing any stupid, punk American the capability of killing another cowardly, stupid, punk American for any reason he or she deems fit – THAT’S NOT FREEDOM!   But more importantly, our corrupt best friends forever republicans and democrats TRULY love guns because for every gun sold, the government reaps in $$$ in the tax profits (with 300 million guns in this country – that’s a WHOLE lot of money in tax profits for the government).  Even better for our CORRUPT best friends forever republicans and democrats is all the LOBBYING money that they KNOW they will receive from the NRA and GUN MANUFACTURERS to guarantee political VICTORIES in their re-election bids.  And even better than that is the fact that with EVERY 100 million guns sold in AMERICA, our GOVERNMENT gets one foot closer to becoming the COMMUNIST KGB, I mean, a POLICE STATE that QUADRUPLES our government in size entirely PAID FOR by WE THE PEOPLE (so, the next time a 2nd Amendment, gun-luving, coporate personhood whores says, “LESS GOVERNMENT, LESS GOVERNMENT!” you know he is FULL OF SHIT and is probably some fucking government NARC or SNITCH.  Even more better than THAT for OUR GOVERNMENT is the simple fact that the more stupid Americans who kill other stupid Americans with their cowardly LEGAL/ILLEGAL guns, the more the GOVERNMENT keeps in profits now that they don’t have to pay for the Medicare, Social Security, Food Assistance, Welfare and other government programs that most current gun owners never admit to being on & enjoy at the tax payer’s expense.   And even better than THAT is the simple fact that throughout our HISTORY, any and every time a PERSON has tried to change or threaten to cut into the profits of the %1ERS who are choking this country to death is exactly the PERFECT time for the 2ND Amendment to assassinate THAT PERSON (let’s not forget Lincoln, Kennedy, Martin Luther King, just to name a few).  So, in short, anyway you look at it, Guns are a WIN-WIN for our government and is why PRACTICALLY nothing ever changes in this country simply because of Curtain #4 once again.

 For all of those who picked Curtain #4 as the CREEPIEST in my new game of “LET’S MAKE A CREEPY DEAL”…BINGO! Congratulations you are the WINNER! It’s because of these unpatriotic ASSHOLES in Curtain #4 that allow all the other creeps not only to survive BUT thrive in this country.  And is the REASON why when I (as a peaceful, hard-working, tax paying, non-violent, non gun-owning, so called free man in a supposed free country) leave my house every day, I instantly become CREEPED OUT by all the CREEPS with guns in this country and why I feel even MORE UNSAFE now than I did as a child growing up in the mean streets and murder capital of the WORLD New York City in the 1970s & 1980s.

 Like I have said a ga-zillion times to the creeps in CURTAIN #4 – I have no problem whatsoever with you punks and cowards purchasing and keeping your creepy guns…JUST GET THE FUCK OUT OF THE LOBBYING business you corporate personhood, IGNORANT whores.  Stop corrupting our politicians and government with your BLOOD MONEY that our founding father were so AFRAID OF simply because this is the TYRANNICAL GOVERNMENT they feared so much – a bunch of fucking creepy losers with guns BRIBING, I mean, LOBBYING our government to guarantee that their TRILLION DOLLAR profits eternally RING in every new year at the expense of soon-to-be dead TAX PAYING americans!  Even more sinister is the fact that NRA’s& GUN MANUFACTURERS’ blue print that they created for bribing, I mean, corrupting, I mean, lobbying our politicians and government is being copied and the used by other corrupt, sinister corporations and industries like WALL STREET & HEALTHCARE INDUSTRY to further pollute OUR ONCE beautiful image of FREEDOM

 And herein lies the ultimate TRUTH and FACT about GUNS in America – GUNS ARE FOR PUNKS & COWARDS who are afraid of other COWARDS & PUNKS with GUNS! IT has nothing to do with protecting our FREEDOM!  If you deny this, there will be GUN CONTROL in your very near FUTURE.  But, if you admit to this FACT and TRUTH, then there will NEVER be GUN CONTROL in this country BECAUSE the TRUTH will set you FREE.

 Now let all the corporate TROLLS like lwk (just to name one creep who always follows me everywhere I go on WordPress) to come out and use their cut and paste, PRETEND intelligence to comment on this blog.  I relish your ignorance because it was liars do best.


2 thoughts on “If I Were A Policeman In America Today With 300 Million Guns Out There, I Would Most Definitely Shoot First And Then Maybe Ask Questions Later Depending On My Mood

  1. Like how you pulled it all together Realeyez. Never thought of how the 2nd Amendment martyred leaders who would have helped all of us, gun owners and haters alike.

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