A Wise Word Of Advice For The Elephant Man Aka The Soon To Be Whig Party, I mean, Republican Party


Get with the PROGRAM or don’t let the DOOR hit you on the way OUT!  It is really THAT simple.  The Affordable Care Act, I mean, Obamacare will run better than a fine-tuned Oil Rig from Texas by the 2014 Elections.  “What is your proof?” you ask.  I don’t really NEED to show any proof simply because if the GOP continues on their path of IGNORANCE, they will prove my point that by no later than 2024 the republican party will become this country’s next WHIG party who will hear the words, “Adios Amigos” as they disappear into their own ignorant HISTORY books.  But, being that I am a nice guy, I will provide you with just little proof why the Affordable Care Act aka Obamacare will run ever so smoothly by upcoming House Elections in 2014. 

 Let’s take Kentucky as my proof.   I am not going to the rehash the PURPOSEFUL horrible launch of THE AFFORDABLE CARE ACT aka Obamacare  nationwide because we already know this.  However, I am going to mention that since DAY 1 of the Obamacare launch, it has run ever so smoothly in KENTUCY.  Do you want to know why?  It’s very obvious and you don’t need to be A ROCKET SCIENTIST to know the answer; but, you do need to have a brain slightly bigger than an acorn (something today’s GOP is still looking for in one of its leaders).  Here’s your answer WHY!  Answer #1. Say Good-Bye to Mitch Mcconnell (the ferret on steroids) who will not win RELECTION as senator of Kentucky which means you can kiss his corrupt, PORK LUVING, wrinkled ass away as the GOP Minority Senate Leader.  Mitch knows this and is why he took the PORK of 2.5 billion dollars to have an EXTRA FANCY dam built in his home-state during the most recent government shutdown (and if we know one thing about AMERICAN politicians – it’s that PORK makes them extremely wealthy).

 Once this happens and it will, the democrats will go from one RED state to another and surgically remove one ignorant republican after another as they clear a PATH for a Hillary Clinton’s “NEVER BEFORE SEEN IN OUR HISTORY” landslide in 2016 & 2020 elections.  And then guess what happens?  Elizabeth Warren becomes President for another 2 elections.  If you do the math, you will see that the DEMOCRATS can conceivably run the white house, the senate, and the congress from 2014 thru 2032 – “that’s ONE SCORE minus 2 years” to semi-quote the LAST and ONLY GREAT republican president Abe Lincoln 

 Which brings me back full circle to my original point to the GOP!  Get with THE FUCKING PROGRAM or get the fuck out of this country.  I find it highly ironic that the GOP will hear their favorite words directed at democrats for the past 30-40 years words come right back at them, “Hey! If you don’t like it, then you can move to another country!”   Oh yea!  One last piece of valuable advice – take that BUSH FAMILY CHEAT BOOK that you have been using for the past 30 years or so and throw it into the bottom of the polluted ocean.  If you do not, I promise, you will enter into the DIRTY, UN-WIPED asshole of HISTORY forever because all WE THE PEOPLE ask from our LEARDERS in GOVERNMENT is to JUST simply PRETEND THAT YOU fucking CARE – that’s it!  There will still be 2 parties in AMERICA’S future – the democrats and the progressives unless the GOP changes its way in a blink of an eye –and, unfortunately, that is nothing more than a PIPE “full of crack”DREAM.

 P.S.  I am not really a big fan of either party because, as far as I am concerned, both parties have been in power so long playing their favorite game of MUSICAL CHAIRS that they have created a cozy, little BEST FRIENDS FROEVER relationship AMONGST themselves where each party takes turns wearing the BAD GUY hat.  But enough is enough and the bottom line is THE DEMOCRATS pretend to care just a tiny-weeny little bit more about WE THE PEOPLE than the current GOP.