The Moral Of The Fat, Guilty Casey Anthony Look Alike, I mean, George Zimmerman Story


It’s REAL, REAL easy to be a tough guy WANNABE while stalking and then murdering an unarmed teenager with your cowardly legal gun; or, pointing your cowardly legal gun in the face of your girlfriend while smashing all of her belongings with it before you push her out of her OWN house – It’s NOT so easy being a cowardly, fat, guilty Casey Anthony look alike punk in a maximum security prison surrounded by violent felons without your cowardly LEGAL gun.  Just sayin…And, where were all of fatty Georgie’s friends and family yesterday?  I mean, did you see the fat punk in court yesterday – his brother, mother, father, etc. NO ONE was there!  He was all by his lonesome in that courtroom with his public defender lawyers.  Poor little creepy Georgie says he only has $144 dollars to his name because he owes his extra-fancy and extra expensive lawyers from his last case 2.5 million dollars.  And, where were all his ignorant, racist, bigot friends who claimed they weren’t racist BUT were all giving FATSO all kinds of money in his defense in the Trayvon Martin case?  Oh I guess, putting your cowardly legal gun in the face of white, blond woman is not cool enough for you losers anymore so you left poor, little, fat Georgie all by himself in the courtroom yesterday.  So, the REAL moral of this story is if you are going to be PUNK and stalk then kill an innocent unarmed person with your cowardly legal gun, it will cost you about 2.5 to 3 million dollars to be found innocent.  It’s really that simple.  One last final thought….just imagine if creepy FATSO, I mean, georgie Zimmerman had just continued taking his martial arts class and learned how to defend himself like a REAL MAN.  But fat, stupid, lazy, ignorant Americans ALWAYS take the easy way in life; and guess what!  There are no EASY ways in LIFE – unless, that is, you are born with a half gold, half  “blood” diamond spoon in your fucking mouth, I mean, you are born into the greedy, corrupt, and treasonous 1%.

 As long as Americans keep killing each other for whatever reason they deem fit, the %1ers never have to worry about losing a single, damn, red penny of their wealth.  They can just sit back sipping on some EXTRA expensive champagne while snacking on some FRESH caviar with brie cheese on a crunchy stick of celery and have their paid for BEST FRIENDS FOREVER republican and democrat PUPPETS, I mean, POLITICIANS play on the prejudices, fears, ignorance, and cowardice of the people they deem as the animals of THEIR society – the middle class and poor.  Even more sinister is the fact that EVERY single TIME the middle class and/or poor start getting A CLUE about the corrupt game of MONOPOLY in this country and start speaking their mind about equality and human rights is EXACTLY when the A hired COWARD with A GUN (paid in full by the %1ers) hides in the shadows and pulls the trigger; and, then all that SILLINESS & STUPIDNESS about equality and human rights and BETTERMENT of all (Lincoln, Jfk, Mlk just to name a few) instantly disappears.


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