When Wearing Glasses Most Definitely Makes One Look More Stupid


Hey Everyone!  What up Dough! Check out the Brainiac with no brain rocking the new-style glasses.  I’m wondering if Ricardo, I mean, Rick Perry realizes that glasses ONLY make a person look smarter.  I mean, if wearing glasses actually made people more intelligent, I know my extra lazy, puffing only kind weed azz would be “rockin them glasses 24/7/365 yo…4 REAL yo! (as they’d say in nyc).  And this is exactly the fucking type of fucking horse manure that truly makes my forty-seven year old blood pressure explode like when you hear a Muslim say, “bomb go boom!”

 I mean, has it REALLY gotten to the point where Big Brother (the government) has licked Little Sister’s (the %1ers) dirty, filthy bruised ham, I mean, puss-filled anal cavity so much and for so long that they can no longer EVEN pretend that we the people EVEN exist any longer– as if our memories reset every time the sun goes down.  “Hey Ricardo, I mean, Rick…take the FUCKING glasses OFF okay!” Once again, I’m starting to get all worked up and shit thinking about how our so called leaders are nothing more than corporate welfare whores with an extra, big, fake smile on their smug faces who WE PAY so they can become more wealthy by making the wealthy ridiculously more wealthy.  Whatever!!  Let me stop before I get loaded and ingest some of America’s new favorite drug of choice – Bath Salts!  I hear they make AMERICAN FACE taste extra tasty.


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