Is early retirement possible? My thoughts on America and self reliance/responsibility

I love this guy…read all of his blogs..they are all extra awesome and he is one of the best writers out there in my opinion….I totally agree with this and will say…a penny saved is a penny earned is my golden rule and the Kryptonite to our TOO BIG TO FAIL capitalist, corrupt system…Corporate personhood is the cancer that truly kills because freedom cannot be purchased…it must be earned…America used to have the smartest consumers on the face of this earth and in the history of time and that’s what made us great – “MADE IN AMERICA” …now we have the most ignorant consumers and I find it HIGHLY ironic that this transformation occurred right around the time BEST FRIENDS FOREVER democrats and republicans tricked we the people with CITIZENS UNITED. And I agree in that there is no coincidence that obamacare just happened to become the law of the land as America became the most obese country in the world..even creepier than corporate personhood will be religious personhood that will be happening in our very near future..then we are all screwed forever…let me stop cause I can go on forever 🙂


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