My Letter Using My New Alphabet For Our Creepy NSA to Decipher


Peek-A-Boo I see you!  Well, actually I don’t see you but I know you are there you FREAKIN creepy losers!  Now get a FREAKIN life and get off your LAZY, good for nothing, fat, extra OBESE, cellulite-filled, spying ASSES and do some REAL work like deciphering my new alphabet so you can read my quick little letter to you.  I don’t have all fucking day to waste with LOSER assholes who get extra plush salaries paid for by we the people to spy on OTHER fellow Americans.  Do you have NO shame or what?  Oh yea! I forgot, I have to continuously remind myself that I live in a country filled with RENEWABLE dummies, I mean, Americans who actually take pride in their ignorance and obesity as long as they have the RIGHT to kill whenever & whomever they want for whatever reason that tickles their fancy at any particular moment with their cowardly symbol of freedom, I mean, legal firearms.   Like I always say, “Keep killing each other stupid Americans!  It’s the AMERICAN way!”

 Anyway and Whatever!  Let me end by saying to any ignorant American who says, “Hey dude! If you haven’t done anything wrong or ILLEGAL…why do you care so much what the NSA does.  You must be hiding something because no normal person who is doing absolutely nothing wrong thinks like you!” WRONG IDIOT!!  Here’s my point and history has proven this over and over and over and over and fucking over again.  When a government becomes as POWERFUL, CORRUPT, and INTRUSIVE as the current United States of America has – it’s not what you (the citizen) thinks or does!  It’s what the GOVERNMENT thinks or does ABOUT YOU and the information they have collected on you and how they can manipulate this information in any form or way that our creepy government deems fit.

 Like for example, let’s say I walk into a WALMART store with my tracking device, I mean, smart phone and I happen to be in the same isle for just a few seconds with a cowardly terrorist that I don’t know whatsoever looking for diapers to purchase.  My government now might get the impression that I am collaborating with the cowardly terrorist because my tracking device, I mean, smart phone and his were next to each other for a brief moment which then leads our creepy government to look at the “VIDEO TAPE”, I mean, surveillance cameras and then they see that when I don’t shave I look like a Muslim – I now am put on some terrorist watch list and creepy drones start hovering over my home and following me everywhere I go like that helicopter that followed Ray Liotta in the movie Good Fellas (the only difference is  I can’t see the fucking drones like he could see the helicopters) .  And don’t waste everyone’s time pointing ignorant partisan fingers at each other as to who is to blame for this when we all know it was BEST FRIENDS FOREVER democrats and republicans in conjunction with the cowardice and ignorance of WE THE PEOPLE and the lying, thieving Media.  Now go do your job you fucking creeps and decipher my alphabet and quick little letter  to you and your agency (and grow a fucking conscience while you are at it if you call yourself true AMERICANS)


Don't Waste My Time Or Yours!

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