I Vote For Drones To Kill Every Single Legal Gun Owning Cowardly Idiot In The United States Of America

Only because it was your blinding IGNORANCE & COWARDICE that allowed DRONES to be created in the first place.  Let’s get the facts straight okay!  When drones first popped onto our NATIONAL scene way back when, I vividly recalled extra-spending lefty liberals losing their FREAKIN minds screaming and protesting at the top of their LUNGS that drones would be very, very, very bad for this country and this planet IF they were in the very HANDS of our GOVERNMENT.  And, what did the ignorant, hypocrisy filled conservatives and the so-called defenders of the 2nd amendment do?  ABSOLUTELY NOTHING but purchase more cowardly guns when they could have sided with the lefty liberals they despise so much and practically made it impossible for drones to be the ITEM of our future (fucking creepy LOSERS).  But this did NOT happen!  And guess what?  The very “TYRANNICAL” government that you creepy, cowardly ASSHOLES claimed to fear so much is NOW here; and, in the VERY near future, it will be THE DRONES, I mean, our government that takes your guns away.  IN THE VERY NEAR FUTURE, THERE WILL BE COMPREHENSIVE GUN CONTROL IN THIS COUNTRY!  This will happen simply because as we move one day at a time into OUR FUTURE, we the people will REALIZE that you cowardly & ignorant fools are the TRUE TRYANNICAL GOVERNMENT that our founding fathers feared so much – AND YOUR GUNS will be taken away over YOUR DEAD cowardly BODIES.  Good fucking riddance to the CANCER of our society! AND this is EXACTLY what happens to a country CURSED from still doing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING after the truly HORRIFYING massacre of the 20 truly beautiful and innocent children attending elementary school in Connecticut by the hands of a true AMERICAN PYSHCO with legal firearms last year.  Now, enjoy my new favorite video on YOUTUBE.


3 thoughts on “I Vote For Drones To Kill Every Single Legal Gun Owning Cowardly Idiot In The United States Of America

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