The Homes Of Our Future


At least for the people who can afford one of these SNAZZY water proof, floatable homes.  I’m just waiting for some EXTRA GREEDY, filthy RICH, genius GA-ZILLIONAIRE to invent a cheaper version (even if it’s just some poor white trash TRAILER-HOME version) so that myself and all COASTAL living, POOR people from around the world can have a fighting chance of survival with this whole GLOBAL WARMING thing that is happening to our planet.

 Has this world lost its FRIGGIN mind or what!  If I’ve said this once, I have said it a million times because it’s TRUE, “if Jesus were alive today in AMERICA, he’d die of multiple gunshot wounds from a cowardly american with a LEGAL gun.”  Now, I am going to start saying, “If Noah were alive today floating around the planet with is his OLD-STYLE boat with a pair of every animal on board, some OIL COMPANY would burn his OLD-STYLE ship and every animal on it into oblivion when it sailed too close to an OIL RIG whose only purpose is to melt this planet to death so that scummy rich people can become EVEN MORE wealthy.”

 Just so you know, there will be an ETERNALLY long FLOOD on this planet in our very NEAR FUTURE and the last thought of millions of people as they sink to their DEATHS at the bottom of the ocean will be, “Wow! They’re digging for OIL down HERE! That’s totally AWESOME duuuude!  I just wish I could text and send SELFIES pics of all this to  my friends but my SMART phone doesn’t seem to work at the bottom of the ocean! ”


Don't Waste My Time Or Yours!

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