Ewwwww And Gross


Will someone PLEASE, PLEASE with all SUGAR in the entire WORLD on TOP, please, PRETTY please tell this lying Pinocchio, I mean, republican to FIX his fucking FACE and to keep his ignorant, annoying, extra nasal sounding mouth shut if he really cares about the GOP.  I mean, “who the FUCK are these people?”…or should I say, “Where  the FUCK does the SOON-TO-BE whig party, I mean, republican party find these complete FRIGGIN-LOSER assholes!”  It’s like becoming like REALLY fucking creepy maaan!  And even more creepy and insulting is that the Listerine drinking GOP now takes pride in their UTTER creepiness – and that’s not a good thing FOR THEM or this FRIGGIN country.  And, even more CREEPY than all the creepiness I just mentioned above is the fact that EVERY SINGLE word that comes out of PENIS-FACE’s mouth is an UTTER complete friggin LIE!  If you have read any of my blogs, you will know that I am not a BIG fan of either BEST FRIENDS FOREVER republicans and democrats because I haven’t take pride in being a RENEWABLE dummy, I mean, american citizen in like maybe 25 years when this country actually WAS great.

 As far as I am concerned, BEST FRIENDS FOREVER democrats and republicans are ONE and the same party who take turns every 30 “history repeats itself” years wearing the BAD GUY hat – but that’s just my humble opinion and I’ll stick by it until I see A THIRDY PARTY; or, at the very least, 2 parties with different NAMES in this country.  And, the only THING I have EVER asked from my government is to just FUCKING pretend to fucking CARE…that’s IT!!!  Or, in even simpler terms, at least have the common decency to pull the FREAKIN purple condom out of my ass when you are done because if you continue to force me to pull it out MYSELF – you are just PLAYING WITH FIRE because one day, I SWEAR TO god,  I will stick a fancy shiny, brand new MOUSETRAP up my brown stained QUARTER-SIZED hole, I mean, BOOTY hole and chop that little pecker off MR. POLITICIAN who can NO LONGER pretend that he cares about WE THE PEOPLE.

 OKAY, OKAY!  Let me stop cause I’m getting all worked up AND that’s not very good for my 47year old BLOOD PRESSURE.  I just have to take a DEEP breath and remind myself once again that lying PENIS FACES have always been a PET-PEEVE of mine.


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