Beware Of A Nation Full Of Demo Monkeys And Their Pocketfuls Of Useless Apps


Otherwise known as the Americans and their “SMART” phones & useless APPS.  Let’s get to the fucking point right off the back because I am in no mood to be wasting time today.  The problem with AMERICA is that it’s filled with AMERICANS.  Let’s take a quick look at America’s favorite company APPLE as an example – here is a company that has made TRILLIONS in profits over the years, paid the absolute lowest in TAXES off of their profits, who actually lobbies politicians on live TV so as to pay even less taxes, has more than 700,000 CHINESE employees compared to less than 40,000 American employees, who charges the HIGHEST PRICES (1000S of dollars) for a product that actually makes Americans even more stupid than they already are so that the NSA can track them even more efficiently in real time so that other US companies like facebook, yahoo, msn, twitter, etc. can all sell their customers’ digital lives to the highest CORPORATE bidder and, then, the whole vicious cycle starts all over again.


 Can someone please tell me what the FUCK is wrong with this picture in regards to America? Is there anyone out there who can take a wild guess as to what the answer is to our problems or am I just a dumb IDIOT amongst a nation full of demo-monkeys.  I mean, am I wrong in thinking that America used to have the smartest consumers on the face of the planet and in the history of time and now we have the most ignorant consumers who actually, now, take pride in their IGNORANCE as the #1 SHEEPLE in the world just as long as companies like APPLE make their TRILLIONS. Please! Will someone please tell me what is wrong with this PICTURE! Anyone? Someone? No one! Dang! That’s just straight up not freakin proper.


Don't Waste My Time Or Yours!

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