Who Needs Beer Googles When There Is Photoshop

Great news for all men, women, and sex lives across the globe & horrible news for all alcohol companies!  Now, instead of drinking ridiculous amounts of unhealthy booze in order to have sex with another person who is not considered “BEAUTIFUL” in our BRAINWASHED society of TODAY and then passing out only to wake up the next morning with the most dreaded feeling of all, “Oh my FUCKING God! Who is this FUGLY person sleeping/passed out next to me!  And, oh my FUCKING God! Did I just have sex with this person – I can’t remember and oh my FUCKING God, does my head hurt from this expensive hangover!” we can now just photoshop the person the way we want them to look and then print a life size version with our 3d printers and then glue the IMAGE to our wall in our bedroom so that we can tear that SEXY ass up for hours while staring at the photoshopped image of our DREAMS!

No more wasting money on booze and no more extra EXPENSIVE hangovers and regrets the next day!  Ain’t technology great!


Don't Waste My Time Or Yours!

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