Renewable Dummies, I Mean, Americans Need To Learn How To Listen In Tongue

Because our politicians ONLY know how to SPEAK in TONGUE to the detriment of every single Renewable Dummy, I mean, american citizen in this country.  Let’s take Ted Kennedy’s famous, “WHEN DOES THE GREED STOP!” speech in 2007 as the perfect example of an AMERICAN politician speaking in TONGUE and why WE THE PEOPLE need to learn how to LISTEN in tongue for our OWN very survival.

Every single friggin time I hear this speech, I ONLY have one question for TEDDY KENNEDY and here it is, “I don’t know TEDDY!  You tell me WHEN THE GREED STOPS!” I mean, these WORDS are from the mouth of ONE OF THE WEALTHIEST, if not THE WEALTHIEST, political family on the FACE OF THIS BEAUTIFUL planet.

So, please listen CLASS…golden rule #1.when a politician uses words like, “it’s for the betterment of WE THE PEOPLE” that’s your cue to realize that those words mean, “IT’S THE VERY WORST THING” for we the people.  Or here’s another example, “THIS will help our middle class become stronger and more competitive in the GLOBAL markets of today!” which really means, “GIVE ME MORE MONEY bitches so I can further enslave the America’s middle class!”

Friggin slaves to SATAN, I mean, CORPORATIONS who will one day rot in hell speaking TONGUE the whole way.  It’s becoming rather obvious that BEST FRIENDS FOREVER democrats’ and republicans’ sole purpose is to ETERNALLY enrich themselves at the expense of the very people who put them in power.

I will end by saying that THE KENNEDY FAMILY is the PERFECT EXAMPLE of BAD KARMA gone full CIRCLE.  I mean, the patriarch of the family, JOE KENNEDY SR., was so CORRUPT in his days as BOOT-LEGGING irish GANGSTER that after his STROKE which left him POWERLESS, paralyzed, deaf, and unable to speak so that he could ONLY watch the death of his 2 PRIZED and FAVORITE sons being shot to death live on the TELEVISION.  Now, that’s bad fucking karma – a fate that most of our political leaders will have to endure in their very NEAR futures for selling THEIR SOULS to corporations whose only concern is an eternal source of PROFIT – not the betterment of WE the PEOPLE.


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