Where There Are Guns, There Will Never Be Freedom


I am going to let RENEWABLE DUMMIES, I mean, Americans in on a little dirty, FUCKING secret that their little, puny brains will probably never be able to comprehend.  And to be 1,000,000% (america’s favorite number – ONE MILLION or more) honest, I couldn’t give a flying, fat, cross-eyed pig fuck if this country comprehends this or not simply BECAUSE a country that does ABSOLUTELY nothing after the TRULY HORRIFYING slaughter of 20 beautiful and TRULY innocent, little AMERICAN children while attending ELEMENTARY SCHOOL by the HANDS of a TRULY insane American psychopath (nra EMPLOYEE of the CENTURY adam lanza) USING a SYMBOL, I mean, a LEGAL weapon that represents FREEDOM in this truly COWARDLY country DESERVES exactly the government WE HAVE – a government that does ABSOLUTELY nothing but count their ever increasing profits from We The People

 Every single weapon that has ever been created in the history of MANKIND has had ONE sole PURPOSE – to force TRULY peaceful people without WEAPONS to follow the rules and LAWS of a political ideology and/or religion that a small group of MEN created solely so they ONLY can profit from; whether it be Communism Socialism, Nazism, Marxism, Democracy, Islam, Judaism, Catholicism or whatever THE FUCK fancy TERM or words these TRULY corrupted men want to use as their label of government and/or religion – it’s ALL the same fucking thing because GUNS distort every ideal imaginable.  And, if one looks closely at AMERICA and it’s symbol of FREEDOM which is nothing more than the BEST-EVER killing machine ever created in the HISTORY OF mankind, one will see that the ONLY freedom AMERICANS have is the FREEDOM to kill EACH-OTHER whenever and for whatever reason they want.  BE PROUD America and, most definitely PLEASE keep killing each other because IT’S the AMERICAN way.

 I will end with “LET’S PLAY PRETEND!” – a brand new game I just created with one very simple rule; and that rule is to pretend that I have created a new weapon that renders guns completely useless all over this planet.  What do you think will happen to me?  Oh! You are too stupid to fucking know?  Okay! I understand completely – it’s not easy being a RENEWABLE DUMMY, I mean, an American so I will give you the CORRECT answer.  Every single country, nation, religion, etc. and every single greedy FUCK asshole HUNGRY for power out there in this world WOULD come after ME with every single WEAPON they have in their attempt to END MY LIFE with AMERICA leading the CHARGE in order to stop me from GIVING the people of this WORLD the true gift they so DESERVE – complete freedom from the tyranny of cowards and their bogus political ideologies that are constantly distorted so that THE FEW can be free at the expense of slavery for all.  Or, we can play REVERSE “let’s play pretend!” Let’s say I created a WEAPON that killed more efficiently and faster at a lower cost than GUNS ever could.  What do you think will happen to me? I know, I know! Stupid Americans cannot answer TRICK questions like this so, once again, I will provide the answer.  Every single FUCKING country on this planet with AMERICA leading the charge would call me the next HERO or SAVIOR of FREDDOM and the ENTIRE universe would OFFER me unlimited money, power, whores, whatever the fuck I wanted to get their greedy hands on this weapon FIRST so that all the other nations and their peoples would instantly become the NEW SLAVES in the LIFE of LIES where men with GUNS were once called BRAVE.


Don't Waste My Time Or Yours!

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