The World Series Will Be Won By Either The Detriot Bankrupts, I Mean, Tigers Or The Boston Frauds, I mean, Boston “Strong” Red Sox

Looks I will be correct, ONCE AGAIN, in my prediction

Realizing Life Since 1966


This I promise!  I wish I could pick one or the other as the WINNER so as to prove that I can ACTUALLY see the future.  Well, not exactly see the future but READ the future.  Greed is America’s favorite pastime which means everything is RIGGED to garnish the most ratings and profits.  The best HOLLYWOOD script to the YELLOW BRICK ROAD TO PROFITS in this ever greedy country is to take the best fabricated story then re-wrap it in shiny american colors and then present IT on television as ENTERTAINMENT when, in reality, it’s all staged so that the TRULY greedy can profit even more from the IGNORANTS, I mean, americans (and just in case any of you americans don’t like my words about america, just know that I am american and I couldn’t give a fuck what you think because I am ALSO an american ;)).

But let’s…

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