After Providing Cover For The Launch Of Obamacare, Ted Cruz Sets His Next Goal On Legalizing 20 Million Latinos


When this idiot Canuck from Canada first burst onto the our national political scene, I originally thought he was just another ignorant Tea-Bagger clown, conservative whose only purpose and goal was to protect THE WAR CRIMINAL bush jr.’s TAX CUTS for the filthy, I mean, wealthy.  But after his most recent escapades in providing Obamacare the cover it so desperately needed so as to not collapse under it’s own GLITCHES, I mean, weight, it has dawned on me that THE TEA PARTY is nothing more than a CLINTON FAMILY mind trick BANK-ROLLED by BILL “HOLLA 4 THE DOLLA” CLINTON himself; and, whose ONLY purpose is to further promote the LIBERAL AGENDA & to destroy THE GRAND OLD PARTY – i.e. making Obamacare actually more popular amongst Renewable Dummies, I mean, Americans despite the fact that not even the VERY best HACKER in the WORLD could get in OR log on to the Obamacare WEBSITE.

 I have given up wasting my time trying to explain to a bunch of RENEWABLE DUMMIES, I mean, Americans who refuse to change with the times because they’ve been IGNORANT trolls to both political parties the majority of their lives who cannot see that BEST FRIENDS FOREVER democrats and republicans are ONE and THE SAME PARTY who take turns wearing the bad guy HAT who both allowed CITIZENS UNITED to become the LAW of our land.  If this country does not immediately end CORPORATE PERSONHOOD, we will ALL lose our country EQUALLY.  Renewable Dummies, I mean, Americans need to realize ONLY one FACT and TRUTH – that both republican and democratic VOTERS have so much more in common at the BOTTOM of the pyramid on our $1 dollar bills THAN they do with anyone on the TOP of that same pyramid regardless of their political ideology.  If you truly care about this country called the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, you need WAKE UP, shut up, AND grow a fucking brain BECAUSE if we DO NOT do this, WE THE PEOPLE deserve the very government that we presently have.


Don't Waste My Time Or Yours!

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