So It’s True That Donating Money To Hillary Clinton Jr., I mean, Ted Cruz To Defund Obamacare Was A Very Stupid Idea


And if you were one of these TRULY stupid, complete WASTES OF LIFE, I mean, ignorant Americans that actually gave Ted Cruz one single, damn, red penny of your hard earned money, you DESERVE to die a most painful death (much SOONER rather than LATER) because America cannot survive in today’s world with complete ignorant cancers, I mean, citizens like YOU!  Allow me to repeat myself so as there is no confusion as to what I mean.  PLEASE FUCKING DIE ALREADY!  If I have said this one time, I have said this a ga-ZILLION times, “ONLY truly IGNORANT american idiots do NOT know that BEST FRIENDS FOREVER democrats and republicans are ONE and the same party taking turns wearing the BAD GUY hat.  So, long story short, if you gave one damn, red penny of your hard earned money to Ted “I’m a DIRTY Money-Addicted whore” Cruz, you not only CURSED your own life and your family’s life forever; but you also just helped your mortal democratic enemy and future PRESIDENT of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA in 2016 Hillary Clinton as well

 My proof to my argument is SO very simple – by donating your IGNORANT money to ted cruz so that he can DEFUND obamacare “MORE” or “FASTER”, you actually increased the percentage of Americans who ARE now in favor of OBAMACARE compared to when the IGNORANT whore, I mean, Teddy first opened his stupid mouth up a few weeks ago.  All you assholes had to do was keep your FAT, STUPID, truly IGNORANT mouths shut and obamacare would have fallen faster than SATAN fell out of heaven into HELL and is why I am correct in saying that democrats and republicans are best friends forever who HATE we the people.  I mean, if you cannot see that TED CRUZ & friends did NOT provide cover for OBAMA and the bill & hillary CLINTON camp during the roll out of the AFFORDABLE CARE ACT, then you SERIOUSLY need to GO get YOUR legal GUNS and put them to some VERY GOOD USE by putting the barrel in your IGNORANT mouth and pulling THE TRIGGER because it’s your ONLY way into HEAVEN.  Or, you can just be the same IDIOT that you have always been in your life and ROT in HELL because no one pays taxes down there you stupid, ignorant FOOLS.

 One last hint to the IGNORANTS of the MEDICAL DEVICE INDUSTRY, I mean, Tea Party – how much do you want to bet that OBAMACARE runs like a well OILED machine by the 2014 elections?  Do you want to know why? Because it’s all friggin STAGED stupid Americans! Wake up!  The only way WE the PEOPLE win against the true evil of our society (the corporations that RENT our government until they can find another country filled with idiots to exploit) is by coming TOGETHER – not becoming more and more ignorant filled with more and more HATE towards other fellow AMERCANS.  If you cannot comprehend this, then you need to get out THE fuck OUT OF THE way and die already BECAUSE if we don’t end CORPORATE PERSONHOOD immediately we will ALL lose our country EQUALLY – and that’s why the TEA PARTY is no different than the BEST FRIENDS FOREVER republicans and democrats because they, too, say ABSOLUTELY nothing about getting MONEY out of politics.  I am seriously starting to think that all these tea BAGGERS are CLONES with no brains created by our government trained like PAVLOVIAN dogs with little doggy treats to HATE everyone except for the person they see in their own MIRROR – the perfect RENEWABLE dummies to keep best friends forever democrats and republicans in power for another 250 years.


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