The Fastest Way To Ending The Government Shutdown Is Some Good Old Fashion American Style Rioting And Looting In Gerrymandered Republican And Democrat Districts

Not because BEST FRIENDS FOREVER democrats and republicans would care or do anything in the slightest to help any of the people who would be maimed and killed in RIOTS similar to the ones that occurred in 1992 in Los Angeles.  I mean, just look at the video I’ve posted and you will see helicopters are MUCH more interested in gathering film footage of the riots in order to INCREASE their ratings than trying to protect any of the american citizens caught in the middle of those horrible, terrible riots through no fault of their own.

 Good old fashion American style riots and looting will immediately END the government SHUTDOWN because it would enable our corrupt POLITICAL PARTIES to join forces and become one SUPER PARTY for a week or two TO SQUASH such types of POPULAR UPRISINGS in order to protect THE LOBBYISTS that pay both POLITICAL PARTIES to stay in power ALL IN THE NAME of their NO TAXED, multi-BILLION dollar PURELY SELFISH personal interests but will prove my main point for all to see – that both political parties sole concern is to SURVIVE and PROFIT from the division they create amongst us

 William Skakespeare once said, “All the world’s a stage, all men and women merely players” when he should have said, “All politics in AMERICA is a STAGE, best friends forever REPUBLICunts, I mean, republicans  and DEMONRATS, I mean, democrats are merely players.”

 If one takes a closer look at the CURRENT government SHUTDOWN, one will see and then realize that this STUPD shit has to END immediately.  I mean, in one corner you have the REPUBLICAN party filled with lying, douche bag, slimy ASSHOLES in EXTRA shiny suits flanked by extra expensive LAWYERS constantly crying “LESS GOVERNMENT, LESS GOVERNMENT” but YET will never give up their EXTRA CUSHY and PLUSH government jobs, salaries, medical, pension, etc ALL PAID FOR by we the people.  In the other CORNER, you have the TRULY CANCEROUS and TOO ignorant TEA BAGGER, I mean, TEA PARTY assholes also flanked by extra expensive slimeball LAWYERS with slicked back, extra greasy HAIR who are FAR more interested in PROTECTING the LOBBYISTS of the MEDICAL DEVICE INDUSTRY and the bush jr. TAX CUTS for the extra wealthy  than trying to help any true BLOODED american citizen trying to survive in a TRULY dirty and corrupt CAPITALIST system owned by FOREVER greedy OLIGARCHS using BIG WORDS like democracy when, in reality, they believe in COMMUNISM for the EXTRA wealthy, I mean, %1ERS!  And finally, in the LAST CORNER, you have the PRETEND THAT WE CARE extortionists of the DEMOCRAT PARTY with their EXTRA, EXTRA greedy hands ALSO FLANKED by douchebag, scummy LAYWERS in cheap suits with wild wavy HIPPIE HAIR constantly rifling through WE THE PEOPLE’S pockets better than any PICKET POCKET scumbag on the #1 TRAIN during RUSH HOUR in NEW YORK CITY constantly pretending to care about the hard working MIDDLE CLASS & UNIONS, I mean, their constituents that they so thoroughly ENJOY raping year after year.  And let’s NOT EVER forget the role of the PURCHASED DIRTY whores of the media whose only concern is profiting from THE CLICKS and THE RATINGS of ignorant Americans who are too STUPID and SELFISH to know that the BIGGEST THREAT to the safety of their LIVES and way of LIVING are the actual POLITICAL PARTIES that they vote for

With ignorant and cowardly AMERICAN tools, I mean, political parties & citizens like these WHO NEEDS ENEMIES right!  Here’s a brief, extra quick look into our future that I know for CERTAIN will happen on this planet simply because THIS has happened many times before in MAN’S history; and UNFORTUNATELY, it will be WE THE PEOPLE  (not our politicians nor the EXTRA wealthy nor our political parties) that suffer the most brought about by THE VERY TAXES we pay.  Here’s the little DIRTY secret our POLITICAL PARTIES and POWERS THAT BE who OWN our once beautiful and great COUNTRY and THIS ENTIRE planet will NEVER tell us.  When this PLANET is filled with TOO MANY ignorant tools, I mean, people, out of nowhere and SUDDENLY and just like many times in our PAST, some HUGE man-made WAR or virus or disease like the BLACK PLAGUE will suddenly appear and literally end the LIVES of billions of good people so that the EXTRA GREEDY and even more WEALTHY can start the whole corrupt system all over again with just a mere few RE-WRITES of history.

 In ending, here’s one last little secret that HISTORY will LET you in on when this all happens in our very NEAR future.  The ignorant ones who CLAIM to be the SUPERIOR race, as USUAL, will be the very IDIOTS who lose EVERYTHING just like they have every time in the PAST so do NOT listen to those fools because THIS TIME AROUND will be their VERY last HOORAY.  This planet is UTTERLY and COMPLETELY tired of ignorant people who claim to be the SUPERIOR race when, in reality,it is these VERY trolls who are ALWAYS the most inferior.  This is a planet FOR ALL and this planet will make SURE that it stays that way FOREVER even if it has to wipe the TRUE DINOSAURS of today – AMERICA and all forms of NATIONALISM as well as every person breathing on this planet.


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