My My America Die


As I sit here in the country of the lie

I wonder always how my days would end

As far back as I can remember yesterdays’ clear blue skies

Knowing deep down when it was my time to say bye

The whole WIDE world would cheer hearts and souls

Stomping their feet  waving their hands

With lungs full of pride

To the blind, anger ALWAYS comes first followed by pity

With words of why why why

Then acceptance from a cold, obese heart

broken promises after promise with praying hands and words

“Never again!”

Please lord forgive me for america’s LIES

A baby born today

In the home of the lies

50 years from now I swear

the world will wonder then see when and why

their bloody heads can’t stop rolling by

minus the body and lacking a soul

Fuck you America because you know the whole world is waiting

for you to die

To the home of the unfree and the land of the coward

With a sideway face, look in the mirror

The anger is real, oh so real

A fire that burns forever just started that will never die

Immediately please stop sending OUR soldiers to other shores

where they will die

So a few American assholes can have a lot more of the American


You will rot in hell with legs & lungs extra hot filled with pride

Aiming your guns and your fake Hollywood smile

Never to be seen forever again

In memory of yesterdays’ clear blue skies

This planet will cheer and babies will cry

deep, deep down in our souls to be

My my America will finally die


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