Every Night Before I Go To Bed I Get On My Hands And Knees And Pray To The Lord That A Good Guy With A Gun Hears Voices Inside His Head Instructing Him To Make The True Bad Guy With A Gun Wayne Lapierre A Martyr


Hey Wayne!  If I weren’t a friggin COWARD like you and if I wasn’t vehemently ANTI-gun & ANTI-2nd Amendment UNLIKE you, I’d do it myself whether I heard voices in my head or not just to prove ONE simple fact – that you are ONE greedy, ignorant TRUE coward who, if ever confronted by a LUNATIC with LEGAL firearms bent on hurting innocent Americans, would be the FIRST to run for the HILLS in order to save your life and hide before even contemplating for EVEN one split second taking your OWN gun out and defending yourself and/or other innocent Americans.  There is A REASON why there NEVER is “A GOOD GUY WITH A GUN” when a BAD GUY WITH A GUN is massacring innocent AMERICANS in America these days.  And that reason is SIMPLE – guns are for COWARDS.  If guns weren’t for COWARDS like wayne THEN there wouldn’t be BAD GUYS with GUNS massacring INNOCENT Americans on an almost regular basis in this country.  It is ALSO the reason why THERE IS NEVER a good guy with a GUN when you truly need him.  In short, wayne AND all of his cowardly, ever greedy gun manufacturing friends would never risk a penny of THEIR profits from GUN SALES, I mean, their LIVES to help defend and/or save innocent Americans from the horror and violence of the very weapons they manufacture and profit from.  This would defeat their WHOLE purpose in life; which is “how can we count our billions of YEARLY dollars in profits from stupid, cowardly, ignorant Americans who love killing each other IF WE, too, ARE DEAD!”

 In short, I have no tolerance for cowardly, punk AMERICAN hypocrites (big brother government & little sister %1ers) who constantly and endlessly speak in LYING TONGUE quoting their false versions of the HOLY BIBLE on a regular basis in order to continue counting their UNLIMITED profits from ignorant & VIOLENT Americans who purchase GUNS & AMMUNITION in order to prove just how PATRIOTIC they are.  And for this reason alone, I get on my hands and knees every single night and pray to the almighty LORD that the next American psychopath with legal guns who hears voices inside his head intent on killing innocents to PLEASE, please listen to my VOICE screaming, “Please, Please, Please with all the sugar in the world ON TOP go after WAYNE LAPIERRE with your LEGAL assault weapons and  illogical insanity!”  This way more than 75% of this country (gun owners INCLUDED) will see you as the TRUE AMERICAN HERO that you TRULY are – matter of fact, 10s of millions of people from all over the world will scream and cheer like never heard before that’s how famous you will become if you heed my advice.  It will also prove my main point that stupid cunt WAYNE LAPIERRE would never become a MARTYR for his beliefs because he would rather run 666 times from here to HELL and back in order to keep his EXTREME wealth than to ever risk his life being a GOOD GUY WITH A GUN!

P.S. to all responsible gun owners across the United States Of America – when gun control is finally passed within the NEXT  5 years, you can blame stupid cunt WAYNE LAPIERRE for it.  A piece of very valuable advice for you – keep your stupid, ignorant fat mouths shut and grow some balls and tell stupid cunt wayne to get the fuck out of the LOBBYING business on behalf of the gun manufacturers and to get back to protecting gun rights for responsible gun owners


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