Only A FREAKIN Anus Complains About Government Subisdies While Her Family Profits Hundreds Of Thousands Of Dollars From Government Subsidies


I am not a big fan of vaudeville actors, I mean, Kabuki theater, I mean, U.S. politicians regardless of what party they are in.  But I truly DESPISE asshole politicians like this one.  This ignorant TROLL has made every penny of her very sizable wealth only BECAUSE of the BIG GOVERNMENT she so despises.  I mean, she votes for the Farm Bill that will allow her family to reap more than $300,000 a year in government subsidies while voting for a huge CUT in FOOD STAMPS a few weeks ago.  Even more disgusting is her stance on the upcoming DEBT CEILING debate coming to a THEATER near you in the very near future, which is to take the government CASH (subsidies in the farm bill) funded by WE THE PEOPLE and then RENEGE on the money her family took in government subsidies.  Leave already Michelle!  Go be the best WASHINGTON/BIG GOVERNMENT asshole, I mean, lobbyist you can be.


Don't Waste My Time Or Yours!

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