As America Becomes The Most Obese Nation On The Face Of The Planet, The Affordable Care Act aka Obamacare Officially Begins


Always remember and never forget at your own peril that there are NO coincidences in the LIFE of the ONLY super power.  It’s a very simple rule to follow even for Americans, I mean, SUPER-POWER citizens who live their entire lives in complete denial.  Wait! Allow me re-phrase, the SECOND our COLD WAR ended with the collapse of the Soviet Union was the very MINUTE that over government & corporate America STARTED the MIDDLE-CLASS War, I mean, the WAR against the MIDDLE CLASS in this beautiful country.  And as we all know, WARS are started by hypocrites in order to further enrich themselves; but also and more importantly, as a means to disguise their OWN hypocrisy they so claim to despise.  Or, in other words, the stronger the middle class is, the weaker the life-sucking government and corporations that feed off of the middle class are.  Or, in even simpler terms, when you hear our government and corporations using words like “the foundation of America is a strong middle class blah blah blah and more blah blah blah bullshit!” please do realize those are LYING words LEARNED straight from the mouth of SATAN (ok, ok! perhaps I am exaggerating slightly in my analogy – let rephrase, straight from the mouth of a HYPOCRITE)

 So, if I have said this once, I have said this a gazillion and a half plus .088894 times – the democrats and the republicans of this government are BEST FRIENDS FOREVER (one and the same partying taking turns wearing the “BAD GUY” cap whose only GOAL & sole PURPOSE in life is to DISTANCE themselves as far away from the common people as humanly possible in their false belief that they are the TRUE deities that all should obey). Now, you may be asking yourself, “what is this fool’s proof for such BOLD and unproven theories and statements!” And my reply would be, “I have no proof and it’s all a“gut” or “hunch” feeling– but my “hunch” and/or “gut” feeling rate is about 98% correct in life”

 Plus, any IDIOT (even a 3-EYED idiot in the LAND of the BLIND) can see that if one party supports the AFFORDABLE CARE ACT while the OTHER PARTY doesn’t while NOT offering an alternative after DECADES of discussion and debates on this topic then BOTH PARTIES want the AFFORDABLE CARE ACT for WE THE PEOPLE.  While our politicians are preaching their “DIVIDE” & “CONQUER” & “DESTROY” politics, I am screaming about how democrats and republicans have so MUCH MORE in common at the bottom of the pyramid on our ONE DOLLAR bill than they do with anyone at the top of that same Pyramid on our ONE DOLLAR bill regardless of their political ideology.   So, never forget and always remember, as long as democrat and republican constituents  keep finding NEW ways to hate each other in order to show their patriotic loyalty to POLITICAL PARTIES beholden to TRILLION DOLLAR CORPORATIONS that barely pay any TAXES whose only concern is STAYING in power and living THE GOOD LIFE, I mean, the American dream, things will only get WORSE AND WORSE for us and will further prove that there are NO coincidences in the life of the ONLY super power.



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