Renewable Dummy, I Mean, Yahoo Ceo Marissa Mayer Plays The Dumb Blond As Her Feeble Defense For Allowing The NSA To Spy On Its Users


Corporate America never ceases to AMAZE me in regards to its ETERNAL, cancerous SHAMELESS, lying greed.  I mean, we all know that CORPORATE CEOs of billion dollar American corporations that pay barely any taxes NEVER go to jail for whatever crime they commit.  Has she lost her friggin mind!  And, of all the companies in bed with the NSA, Yahoo, by far, is the CREEPIEST in regards to the invasion of our privacy (reading people’s emails) and, even worse, censoring comments of its users about their corporate sponsors (I just finished up with a little personal ONLINE experiment AND found out that these rumors, in fact, were TRUE.) And it is EXACTLY this that creeps me out the most about CORPORATE AMERICA these days– that they actually believe with all THEIR hearts and souls that humans beings are born SOLELY to be their CUSTOMERS – like there’s a RACE between CORPORATE AMERICA (little sister) and the U.S. Government (big brother) to see who gets our DOLLARS first while shredding every single constitutional privacy rights we supposedly have!   And for these reasons ALONE, the corporate TROLL Yahoo Ceo Marissa Mayer wins The September 2013 My Plunkies In The Mouth Awards. 


If you like to read the article, just click on the yahoo link below.  But remember, they will track you!


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