Stupid Americans Killing Other Stupid Americans With Their Cowardly Legal Guns In America Is Not Breaking News


Especially when it happens every day in the home of the IGNORANT coward (not the brave), I mean, America and NOTHING, absolutely nothing, is ever done to change this.  But now, and ONCE AGAIN, I will be forced to watch on every single TV station and website on the INTERNET for the NEXT 2 WEEK straight, 24 hours a DAY another ENDLESS barrage of boring stupid, USELESS stories, segments, views, opinions, etc as to why STUPID americans keep killing other STUPID americans WITH their cowardly legal and/or illegal guns when it is COMPLETELY OBVIOUS to every single person on this planet outside of America what the actual problem is – stupid, cowardly, ignorant people should never be given access to GUNS.  And, once again, I have to ask myself – why do I give a fuck about people that do not give a fuck about anyone else other than themselves and their guns.  So, keep killing other stupid Americans because it’s the AMERICAN way.  I truly hate to say this but everyday that we go into OUR future, it becomes more and more obvious with each dead American killed by a gun – your LOSS is my GAIN as they would say.

Here are some facts that I know that will NEVER change when it comes to OUR country’s little GUN PROBLEM that we currently have.

  1. Our government will not tell us the TRUTH as to what happened today in Washington or any time until months after the fact, if at all, when it comes to these so called “senseless acts” of gun violence
  2. Gun sales in this country will dramatically go up tomorrow and in the next few weeks and months as a result of what happened in WASHINGTON today
  3. The guns used in this incident will be LEGAL guns legally manufactured in this country
  4. The NRA and ignorant Wayne Lapierre will use this incident to spread more fear which will lead to MORE gun sales in the upcoming weeks and months.
  5. This BRAINWASHED country will not feel safe until there is 1 billion guns (350 million gun as of today) in AMERICA
  6. And when there are 1 billion guns in America (probably within the next 10 years), there will be no country called AMERICA anymore.
  7. There will be more “SENSELESS” gun violence and massacres with GUNS in our very near future.
  8. And, last but not least, Guns and the 2nd Amendment will not protect us from a TRYANNICAL GOVERNMENT simply because while all you stupid, ignorant GUN-LUVING, 2nd Amendment FOOLS kept hyper-focusing on being the best NRA trolls in the whole wide world while buying your endless amount of guns thinking it would protect you from this GOVENMENT, this government ACTUALLY created a WEAPON called DRONES that make guns completely useless.

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