The Road To Hell Is Paved With U.S. Intentions


Don’t get me wrong now!  I love my country just as much as ANY other person from ANY and ALL other countries on this planet simply because ALL GOVERNMENTS on this planet CURRENTLY give their people NO OTHER CHOICE.  And just like everyone else on this planet, I am UTTERLY sick and tired of the LIES and HYPOCRISY of my government and all governments ON THIS PLANET regardless of their RELIGIOUS & POLITICAL IDEOLOGY because there has NEVER been, isn’t and PROBABLY will never be a government that doesn’t obtain and then retain its ABSOLUTE power by DIVIDING its people in as many creative and violent ways as humanly possible.  Humanity’s #1 character flaw will always be its penchant for creating various types of violent and insatiable RELIGIONS & GOVERNMENTS saturated with 100% pure hypocrisy.

 In short, the more I think about it, the more I conclude that past and present Governments & Religions are sort of like what happened to the whole Dinosaur trend a few million years ago.  You can only kill, eat, shit, and GROW so much before PLANET EARTH says, “OH HELLS FUCKING NO! This madness ends RIGHT NOW!”  But, let’s give credit where credit is due, at least the Dinosaurs had an EXTREMELY VALID excuse in that they had brains smaller than half of a fucking PEANUT!  Humanity’s excuse, on the other hand, is OBVIOUSLY not the size of our brains, but our unrelenting GREED, LAZINESS, COWARDICE and HYPOCRISY nurtured THEN natured by the VARIOUS types of VIOLENT governments and religions that small groups of wealthy individuals PURPOSELY created in the last 2500 years or so SOLELY to retain their wealth and power from now until eternity.

 So, as we enter yet another war in the Middle East with Syria, I would feel much more proud to be a human being on this truly BEAUTIFUL planet today if we could ONLY be a little more HONEST with ourselves and just admit that as human beings there is no greater PLEASURE in life than killing OTHERS (especially for citizens of Super Power countries past, present and/or probably in the future).  Once we can admit this, we will realize that the creations and formations of our VARIOUS governments & religions throughout our past regardless of their type ALL enable us to say, “It’s not my fault!” – thus guaranteeing that nothing will ever CHANGE and EVERYTHING will only get progressively worse (never better) until we meet our EVENTUAL demise into eternity.  It will only be seconds before our own EXTINCTION when the light bulb suddenly and COLLECTIVELY turns on and a quick, “Oooops!” slips from our lips


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